Saving Power of GOD

GOD did not intend any sadness in your life for GOD is Holy

GOD did not intend any heartache in your life for GOD is Righteous

GOD did not intend any pain in your life for GOD is Light

GOD did not intend any sorrow in your life for GOD is Hope

GOD did not intend any tears in your life for GOD is Love

All is in need of love

The only love you ever need is GOD’s love.

My friends GOD did not come to the world to condemn the world but to save sinners.

May GOD bless you

May GOD fill you all with His Holy love with His Holy Spirit

May GOD save you all from the hands of the enemy

May GOD deliver you all from the schemes of the devil

May GOD keep you safe in all

May GOD shine on you all His light

May GOD keep you for an eternal life in Christ Jesus forevermore.

Love of GOD surpasses all understanding

Hence you are loved

beyond your comprehension

beyond your understanding

beyond your thoughts

beyond your faith

beyond your imagination

beyond your reach

beyond all

for GOD is ALL

and you are with ALL forever and ever

for you are ALL in LORD JESUS CHRIST.



Love of GOD for us in its utmost form that is in LORD JESUS CHRIST

The Messiah

The Holy King

The Saviour

The Life

The Kingdom

The Faithfulness of GOD is in Christ Jesus

The Righteousness of GOD is in His Son

The Life of GOD is in His Son, our Saviour, Christ the Messiah

Father of All

The Kings of All




Amen to that!


Praise the LORD!!!
I have got falsely accused and persecuted by the evil forces of this world because I have obeyed the LORD and His pleasing good will! Hallelujah!!! GOD is amazing everyone! As the Bible say the wicked prepare a net for the innocent, he sit in the lurking places of the villages, in the secret places he murders the innocent. 
Arise O LORD! For Your glory and honour, repay as you please, do not count against them what they have done to me for they are fallen before Your this very servant.
Please listen to my today’s podcast. May GOD bless you all in Christ Jesus, amen.


Praise the LORD!!! In this very day LORD granted me a ministry home by the seaside for me to live in it. Praises to our Heavenly Father and His only Son our LORD JESUS CHRIST forever and ever, amen!



GOD is making the way for you to receive His blessings.

Rise up, stand tall, nothing is too difficult for the LORD!

I shall do all that I have purposed for your life 

you shall rejoice always.

Rejoice in Me forever.


Praise the LORD! GOD has put in my heart to go to Israel in September for the Feast of Tabernacles. I will be in Israel for the Day of Trumpets, the Day of Atonement, the Feast of Ingathering (the Feast of Tabernacles also called as the Feast of Booths) and the Eight Day. LORD opened the doors for me to walk through the most wonderful places. Praises to our Heavenly Father and LORD JESUS CHRIST, amen and amen.




As you know, I have written my testimony of LORD JESUS CHRIST and the true story of my persecution from city to city in England for my belief in LORD JESUS CHRIST. If you would like to read it, it was for free on KDP Select in celebration of Pentecost, now its free on Kindle Unlimited. Just key in ‘JESUS is LORD Betul‘. 





Today on the 13th of May, on the day my YouTube channel has reached 130 subscribers the ministry JESUS is LORD has purchased its first plot of land for £130K. Granted by the LORD for a ministry home and a chapel in London. Halleluiah! Halleluiah!! Halleluiah!!! All honour and praises to our Heavenly Father.


Praise the LORD who guided me into taking out 100, then 50 then 25 arrows of the enemy from my back on the 10th, 11th and 12th of May 3 nights in a row. After I have suffered 3 years at the hands of the enemy. I have taken them out in the name of LORD JESUS CHRIST. Praises to our Heavenly Father and LORD JESUS CHRIST.


Today we went to a sea town with my daughter yet we had no money to buy food while we were waiting in the queue of a fish and chip from a very famous restaurant for my other daughter to purchase the food for us out of blue a guy offered 2 free fish and chip that he ordered too many the previous day for collection today. That’s how great GOD is if you put your trust in Him He will provide for you every time! Amen. Needless to say the fish and chip were heavenly. Thanks be to GOD. 

14/03/2021 Mother’s Day in UK

Last night after my prayer I have asked GOD to bring up a Bible page for me to know His will and guess what He brought up LUKE chapter 1 announcement of LORD JESUS CHRIST’s birth to Mary and the song of Mary!
Happy Mother’s Day Mary!!!



Today I have recorded part 9 of my book which I have finished with the dream GOD has given me a year ago on 25th March 2020 in which I have put on my wedding dress, I have received the ring I have ordered a while ago which looks like a wedding ring and it says JESUS on it with a cross.😊

Here is the dream I have been given on 25th March 2020; 

In my dream I was asked to put on my dress which looked like a wedding dress. It was white and substantial. It was long to the floor with gold streams running on it from top to bottom. I wrapped it all around me and it was on me.


Who is among you serve the LORD?

Who is among you lift His Holy Name highest?

Who is among you worship the LORD?

Hear the Word of GOD

GOD only Son LORD JESUS CHRIST came to this world to save the world through Himself

He did not come to condemn the world but to save the world through His blood

Therefore, whoever among you follower of the LORD follow the LORD

You may go up and live in the LORD forever

GOD says from rising of the sun to its setting I have spoken to you through My servants the prophets so that you may believe

yet My children did not believe Me

O Israel how long will you reject the One whom sent by GOD?

LORD JESUS CHRIST is the Messiah sent by GOD

He is the Holy GOD

GOD from GOD

Light from Light

The Son of GOD

Gather to Me says the LORD

like Hen mothers her chicks and guides them

I gather My children from far away where they have been and bring them to Myself

To live one die to himself

To live give yourselves up for the LORD

To live love the LORD with all your heart, soul, mind and strength

To live be filled with the life

The life is in the LORD, the Life is the LORD

To live be filled with the Spirit of Christ

To live rise for the LORD

To live sing a song of salvation

and utter His Holy Name to ALL nations

Be with the LORD evermore!

from rising of the sun to its setting serve the LORD forevermore

GOD of power and might live His life in you through His Spirit worship the LORD!

May GOD bless His children in the Name of LORD JESUS CHRIST, amen.




O ye stand up

Stand strong

Do not fear your opponents in the battle field

I, the LORD is with you.

I have kept you safe in all.

Rise among the briers and the thorn bushes

Rise among this faithless generation

Rise as a follower of the LORD

Rise as a child of GOD among this nation.

Rise like a sunshine above all

Rise like the stars in the night sky

Rise for ALL!

Rise for the Kingdom of GOD is near

Rise for the glory of GOD shining upon your head from above

Rise for the LORD your GOD who is with you in ALL

Rise for ALL!

Rise for the Kingdom of GOD and His righteousness!

Rise for the glory of Holy GOD

Rise for all who are suffering at the hands of the wicked and the vile

Rise for ALL!




Last night I have dreamt I was in a garden with full of beautiful variety of fruits. I was watching and waiting. Then out of blue I have seen 3 big and ripe figs in a bunch together. They looked amazing and ready to eat. The Bible verses run to me is that when the figs are ripe the summer is here!!!

Here is the ‘The Parable of the Fig Tree’ from Luke 21 right after ‘The Signs of the Times and the End of the Age’ and ‘The Coming of the Son of Man’, LORD JESUS said;

“Look at the fig tree, and all the trees. When they are already budding, you see and know for yourselves that summer is now near. So you also, when you see these things happening, know that the kingdom of God is near.”