01 12 2020

Live in the LORD all the days of your life.

There is no fear in the LORD but strength and purity

There is no lack in the LORD but generosity and abundance

There is no hate in the LORD but forgiving and love.

The LORD is Life.

I came that you live your life in full of abundance,

I came that you live an eternal life forevermore,

I came that you are forgiven of your sins,

I came that you are in the LORD evermore!

I, the LORD do not relent till ALL is accomplished in your life

and I will do what I promised you.

No less.

For I am the LORD of abundance,

GOD of Life

and your life is in the LORD evermore!

Rise up Rise up Rise up

Stand strong.

GOD is about to shake the earth one more time.

Keep it strong in the midst of all for GOD will deliver you from all.

I will keep you safe evermore.


05 11 2020

Stay focus on the task ahead.

Do not fear.

All is renewed in mind and spirit.

All is made brand new upon receiving the LORD

for the LORD has kept ALL His children for the eternal life.

Keep it strong.

Keep it faithful.

Stand strong on your feet.

Stand up tall and fight a good fight.

The LORD is not slack to bring pass all He promised you.

Keep the courage for the LORD is with you who can be against you.

Your time is up for the Kingdom is here!

You are risen in the LORD for generations to come.

Run run run for the Kingdom of GOD and righteousness.

Keep going for the LORD is going to bring down the strong holds of the enemy.

Keep going.

This is a race you run for the Kingdom of GOD and His righteousness upon your life!

The power of GOD in you is made perfect in your weakness.

Run run run for the Kingdom of GOD!


31 10 2020

And here is the todays prophecy GOD is bringing down the economy to make way for the new;

Do not fear of what’s happening all around you.

Do not fear the rumours of earthquakes nor the hunger

for I am about to make it all new

for I am bringing the economy down

to give way to the new.

All will be made new

For all will be resurrected for the judgement day.

Judgements come upon the earth.

Do not fear

for the judgement of GOD is according to truth

for He is the Righteous Judge.

Do not fear what’s going on all around you

for ALL created for My glory.

Praise the Holy name of the LORD only!




30 10 2020

Just woke up being told ‘the poverty will strike not only UK but the whole world’

Today soon after I was given today’s prophecy, at 11:51 am with UK time Turkey was hit with a devastating earthquake and GOD said He would. Here is the full prophecy from early hours of this morning;

I have created you single minded,

not double.

I have raised you up for this very day for My glory.

Stay awake.

Stay firm for I am bringing your way the most unexpected circumstances.

The whole earth is about to be shaken once more by the news of the most unexpected.

Do not fear.

I have covered you from all fronts.

The news of unexpected is in your region.

The calamity is about to hit the ground.

People will panic, you do not.

You stand firm when the news of the most unexpected hits you.

Keep firm.

Stand strong for the LORD your GOD will vindicate you in ALL!

For I am rising you up like a sun shine above this nation whom forsaken Me.

Keep to peace with all

for the calamity is about to strike the whole nation before your eyes.

The LORD is your Helper!

Keep it strong

The LORD your GOD will deliver you from ALL!


27 10 2020

A Single Word we have been given,

A singular Name we hear whom is the Saviour of the World,


My friends do not be mistaken GOD cannot be mocked.

What you reap is what you sow.

GOD only Son LORD JESUS CHRIST came in flesh and died for our sins on the cross in front of onlookers.

GOD is One and He is One with us.

LORD JESUS is One with the Father, we with the LORD

so that scripture is fulfilled by His stripes we are healed.

GOD gave His only Son to die for our sins on the cross.

Son is in the Father,

He is One with the Father.

Keep to righteousness you are a child of Holy GOD.

You are One with GOD.

Praise GOD’s holy name.

His only Son our LORD JESUS CHRIST who on the night He died after giving thanks He broke the bread and said;

“Take eat, this is My body given for you do this in remembrance of Me.”

In the same way He took the cup and said;

“My blood is the sign of the new covenant, shed for you. Do this as often as you drink it in remembrance of Me.”

So my friends by dying He restored us, He saved us from our sins

for it is written; wages of sins is death.

LORD JESUS GOD only Son came in flesh for us all so that we live eternal life

by believing in Him.

GOD the Father is in the Son, the Son in GOD the Father.

Together they are One.

In the same way LORD is One with us, we with Him

for you believed.

Therefore I say, speak the truth, proclaim the good news;

GOD only Son LORD JESUS CHRIST came in flesh to die for our sins

and whomsoever believes in Him have eternal life.

Life is in the LORD.

You are One with Him

for you are in the LORD!


03 10 2020

Quiten your spirit

be still and know that I am the LORD.

I go before you

I am after you

I am all around you.

Have joy in the midst of all your difficulties

for I am with you.

I am in you.

I live My life through you.

Do not say to your Master;

Why is that I am going through all these?

For the Master will reply;

Because I AM the Master.

I choose and determine your path.

O ye servant walk in it.

Does the servant say to His Master;

Why thou created me?

Master shall reply because I AM He

the Founder of the world.

Creator of the Universe.

I am the Judge of the world.


I AM the King of all



01 10 2020

Stick to your path chosen before you.

Do not stray off to the right or left

for GOD has chosen you in Him before the world was.

Stay upright in all circumstances.

Do not fear to speak the truth.

No harm will come to you and the ones with you.

Stick to the LORD and His righteousness upon your life.

The LORD will keep you safe.

I have kept ALL My children

none will be lost.

for I am the Good Shepherd

who tend His sheep and provide them safe heaven on earth.

Provide all they need.

My sheep knows Me and they follow Me

for I am the Shepherd of the flock.

O ye stay close to the flock

Stay with Me forevermore.

I will heal your heart.


14 09 2020

You are victorious in Me

for you have seen the Light,

and embraced that Light

for you have accepted the LORD into your life.

You are victorious in Me

for you have seen Me and My hand upon your life.

You are victorious in Me

for you live in Me.

For GOD, you have seen the Light

and you have exposed yourself under the Light of GOD.

GOD has heard your pleads for a happy home and cheerful sounds filing your quiver.

GOD has sent you to be the light of GOD to ALL people.

For GOD has sent His children to the world 

to be that light for ALL people

young or small, big or old.

You are the light of the world.

Shine your light ever so brightly

for GOD will provide you ALL you need,

will keep you safe and

will grant you ALL you have petitioned

for He wants you to be happy in ALL!


14 09 2020

You are loved by GOD always.

Your deep sorrow and sadness covered by the love of GOD.

For GOD so loved the world He gave His one and only Son whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.

You are loved by GOD for eternity.

For GOD did not come to the world to condemn the world but to save it by His own blood.

O ye servant,

wipe away the tears from your eyes.

GOD will put a smile on your face,

GOD will cheer you up for all your goodness, kindness and gentleness you have shown to His people.

GOD has seen your desperation and the tears in your eyes.

Wipe the tears away from your eyes for GOD will keep you for Himself.

GOD will bring a cheerful, rejoicing sound and triumphing against your ALL enemies.

The victory has been won by the blood of Lamb!

2000 years ago, at Calvary by the blood of GOD only Son!




04 09 2020

I have given ALL your enemies into your hands.

Go up against them and do not hold back in your fight

for it is despicable to err deliberately

and knowingly they have sinned against Holy GOD.

They have refused peace with you

for they have rejected you in their life.

Have I not sent thee?

The battle is the LORD’s.

I have made thee an iron pillar against them.

I have given ALL to you

the Kingdom and its righteousness.

Rise up rise up

Keep it up

for GOD is not slack bringing His promise to pass

for GOD ALL is done already.

He has vindicated you above your foes

gifted you from high above

called you by your name

for the glory of GOD!

Hence serve the LORD ALL the days of your life.

Amen to that.

Everyone say, amen!


29 08 2020

Do not fear.

You are sacred to the LORD.

The LORD has spoken; will He not do it?

He has promised; will He not bring it to pass?

The LORD has given His solemn promise

He has kept you for Himself

before the foundation of the world.

LORD has delivered His message to ALL mankind.

Only through His Son, we are saved.

So then since when you dispute the Word of GOD and have a quarrel with GOD?

Since when GOD who is the Creator of the Universe will keep any good things away from you?

Since when His only Son sacrificial death in the cross is despised?

LORD keeps all His promises

and this one too;

whoever believes in His Son LORD JESUS CHRIST

and declare with His mouth He is the LORD

will be saved

and that is the promise of GOD

to all mankind since the time began.


17 08 2020

Rise up!

Do not fear.

The LORD your GOD has vindicated you already.

Keep going in the midst of all.

I, the LORD will raise you up like the sunshine upon this nation.

I, the LORD will bring to pass all your persecution.

I, the LORD does not relent till accomplished all.

I, the LORD keeps you safe away from all.

Do not fear.

Keep it strong for I keep you in the palm of My hand.

None can touch you.

I have created you for Myself as a trophy as My prized possession

for I AM the LORD

for I AM the LORD of ALL nations!


29 07 2020

Stay at the will of GOD at all times.

Do not stray right or left.

Do not turn aside.

Keep on the path of righteousness

for the LORD is going to vindicate you and all those with you

at His appointed time.

The GOD of heavens spoken over you

Do not fear

Have great joy

for the time of your vindication is drawing near.

The GOD’s second coming is here!

Keep firm on your grounds.

I am flying you over

from here on you will fly under My wings.

You will see My face shine on you.

You are under the shadow of GOD Almighty.

Stand strong.

Do not stop.

GOD will make the way.

The best years is yet to come upon your life

on its way to you.

GOD has broken into the pieces those

stood against you.

They never again shall rise up against you

for I have given you the desires of your heart.

I have taken away your reproach.

Have great joy.

I have given you ALL.


20 07 2020

A new season is starting in your life

a most wonderful new season

away with the old

never to be repeated ever again

for GOD has made the way into the new in your life.

The old way of things has passed away

will never be remembered again

for the new is in its place written by GOD

with His finger especially for you.

GOD said ‘Go My servant’

I have made you well.

Reign and rule the nations in your kingdom.

For GOD said, old is done and dusted behind you.

New is ahead of you.

Jump in faith.

Take a leap of faith into the future

designed for you

by GOD!


08 07 2020

I have given you all.

Everything you ever need in abundance.

For you have the spirit of Christ in you and shall never depart from you.

You have the GOD’s Holy Son in the inside of you.

Everything is given in LORD JESUS CHRIST

in heavens and in earth.

In the name of LORD JESUS CHRIST

ALL should bow in heavens and in earth and under the earth.

Therefore you have all you need in the LORD who is your life and life of ALL.

My son rise up

stand strong

for the LORD is with you who can be against you.

I am taking you higher and higher

from here on I am flying you over under My wings.

It’s an easy ride for you are with Me!


02 07 2020

O ye stand up and speak in the name of the LORD

O ye child of GOD your days are in the LORD

I have put your past behind you

Your future is ahead of you

O ye stand up

You are a child of GOD from all eternity created for My glory

O ye stand up

Keep the peace in the land among you 

for ALL is GOD’s

passed through His hands.

O ye stand up and rise up

Speak up

for the GOD will speak through you

confirming His word with accompanying miracles before you.

O ye stand up

I have given all your enemies into your hands.

O ye stand up the time is fulfilled.

The kingdom of GOD is with you

You shall not be ashamed.

The Kingdom of GOD within you sing for joy!

The Kingdom if GOD within you rise for ALL!

The Kingdom of GOD within you speak for justice.

The Kingdom of GOD shall prevail upon your life.

Rise up O ye servant your time has come!

I have given you all

Rise for the LORD!


24 06 2020

Wisdom to know all things

Sound wisdom speaks through you

O ye servant you have the wisdom of GOD in you.

You shall fly like the eagles in the sky.

Wisdom of GOD within you shall never depart from you.

Wisdom of GOD within you like flying eagles.

You have the wisdom of GOD in you.


You are like an eagle soaring in the sky.

You are the eagle of this nation with full of wisdom in you granted by the Father.

You are the wisdom of GOD in this nation.

Speak life onto others.

A new day drawing upon you.

Fly like the eagles in the sky over this nation whom forsaken Me.

You are in the shadow of the Almighty 

who has granted His wisdom abundantly to His children

and you are one of them!

You will soar like the eagles in the sky for I have given it all to you 

over this nation!


17 06 2020

Today I am turning a new leaf in your life.

Today I defeat all your enemy before you

Today I am raising you up for all eyes to see you have risen in Christ.

I have chosen you before the foundations of the world.

I have granted you My peace and glory upon your life

Today I am bringing you hope and reconciliation with your loved ones

I have seen your tears and sadness in your eyes

And today I am marking it for as it’s done!

No more sadness

Say to My righteous

Today I am bringing closure to your pain and suffering for today you have risen in Christ!


15 06 2020

I am going to bring you to plain,
I am setting you on My rock,
I am raising you for My glory,
I am guiding you through the troubles,
I am leading you out of it all,
I am bringing back your loved ones,
I have given you everything.
You have all.
The Saviour of the world LORD JESUS CHRIST
The LORD is here!
He came for His righteous people.
He came for us all.
The LORD is here!
His spirit is in us.
The LORD said My holy shall go for Us.
My holy is with Us.
Rise up! Rise up! Rise up!
The LORD will protect us.
The LORD has saved us from all.
Rise up! Rise up! Rise up!
The LORD will save His.
The LORD is with us.
Rise up! Rise up! Rise up!
Live with us.
The LORD speaks through us.
Rise up! Rise up! Rise up!
GOD has seen our affliction.
Rise up! Rise up! Rise up!
GOD will save us.
GOD only Son Emmanuel is with us!

08 06 2020

Say to My righteous it shall go well with them.

I, the LORD make the way.

I, the LORD has seen your tears.

I, the LORD will grant you a happy home and reunion with your loved ones.

I, the LORD searches your heart.

I, the LORD will lift you up, out of it all.

I, the LORD is your vindication.

I, the LORD is your salvation.

I, the LORD is your wall of fire all around you. 

I, the LORD is your fire in you.

I, the LORD is life of ALL.

I, the LORD is your life.

I, the LORD is with you and will never depart from you.

Wakey wakey O ye servant the time has arrived.


07 06 2020

Rise up rise up O ye servant 

The time of your vindication has arrived. 

The GOD of heavens who has glorified you, has granted you a future of the most wonderful opportunities to be the testimony of Christ in Him.

Rise up rise O ye nations 

Your eyes will see the King.

Your ears will hear the King calling your name; 

O ye servant this is the way walk in it.

Walk on O ye servant 

Come to Holy GOD for His vindication of you.

Come O ye servant who are weary in heart find rest to your souls.

Come O ye servant speak in the LORD.

Come O ye servant of GOD speak of the LORD for His glory.

The LORD has spoken from Zion to His servants for them to come forth in Him for His glory.

He who glorified you with Him is with you all the days of your life. 

Come O ye servant raise your hands towards heaven and search the will of GOD in your lives. 

Seek His righteousness upon your lives and His Holy Spirit.

He who gloried you also vindicated you for the glory of GOD the Father.


29 05 2020

New life is in front of you given in LORD JESUS CHRIST who is GOD.

GOD from GOD

Son of Holy GOD


Life of all man is with Him.

You are raised in righteousness with Him

You will be glorified with Him.

He came from His holy habitation.

He who raised you in Him

He who spoke to you in righteousness is with you forever.

Rise up in holiness and righteousness speak of the LORD to all generations to come.


The LORD has spoken from His holy habitation in Zion.

Come to holy GOD with your prayers and supplications with your prayer requests.

For GOD hears prayers done in LORD JESUS CHRIST name.

He will open the doors for you to walk through.

He will rain on you with His blessings.

Come to the LORD

Rise up in His presence.

For GOD so loved the world, He gave His only Son, whosoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.

Rise up rise up

live all the way

in fullness of life

in fullness of GOD’s love in your heart

In fullness of His glory and blessings upon your head.

Come up O ye servant

Welcome to Zion

Your holy habitation

Your home with the LORD!


27 05 2020

I am bringing you to a place of obedience
I am bringing you to a place of honour and glory
I am bringing you to a place of peace upon your life.
I am bringing you to a plain where the road ahead is clear for miles.
I am bringing you the good news of salvation to ALL mankind.
I am bringing you the presence of the LORD.
GOD the Father is in His Son.
GOD the Father placed all things into His hands.
GOD has roared from Zion;
There is no other name in heavens and on earth and under the earth except His holy Son name;
GOD the Father has declared;
His Son is the LORD!
His Son is the Saviour of the world.
His Son is the peace of the world in us.
His Son is with us.


23 05 2020

I have seen all that you have gone through.

I have seen all that you have suffered.

I have seen all that you have given up for Me.

Now I see the time of your vindication is drawing near.

Now I see My sons and daughters are with Me.


I have brought you this far

for a season or two you are afflicted

for a season you are lifted

for a season you see tears on your face

for a season laughter and joy

for a season you speak

for a season you shut down

for a season you endure

for a season you see all at your feet.


The LORD of hosts spoken for you to speak the Truth to all generations

for you to rise up in your afflictions

for you to see His hand upon you

for a season or two you are afflicted

for a season or two you will be vindicated out of it all.

The LORD does not relent

O ye servant

since when GOD has declared yet did not do.

since when GOD has spoken yet did not come to pass.

since when GOD has promised yet did not deliver.

You have been given all on a silver plate

in LORD Jesus Christ name every knee shall bow every tongue shall confess

He is the LORD, amen.

Your season of affliction coming to an end the season of vindication is in horizon for you to receive all.

Rise up! Rise up!

Receive it ALL!

Given for you ALL!


18 05 2020

A brilliant white light is above your head guiding you, shining on your feet, 

showing you the way, directing your steps, 

this is the way walk in it O ye servant.

I shine on you 

I walk with you 

in your darkest day 

I stay with you 

I live in you 

I bring to your remembrance My life is in you.

I bring to you the gift of salvation. 

I bring to you eternal life and the Kingdom of GOD. 

I, the LORD is your salvation and salvation to all man kind

I, the LORD is your Kingdom on earth as it is in heavens 

I, the LORD is your light

I, the LORD is gift of eternal life

I, the LORD is Giver of Life to ALL

I, the LORD is in you, walking with you, living through you, all the days of your life!


16 05 2020

The virus that has caused this havoc to the society is a small one no more than a mere young boy. Praise the LORD He has shown him to me. Therefore, the affects and impacts of it small considering. He has been wrapped in white tissue paper and pulled to the ground so it won’t hurt anyone anymore. However, that won’t always stay small it will grow into maturity and will progress in its years. Therefore, this time round we had it small, next time round the impacts of it will be in much bigger scale. Do not wait till then accept the LORD as your Righteous Saviour and be in peace now and forever, in LORD JESUS CHRIST name, amen and amen.

15 05 2020

I bestowed you with My blessings

for your eyes seen many days of sorrow

yet you have crossed over from death to life

you have walked in righteousness on My holy path

you have spoken the word in truth.

I will give you double for your trouble.

I am bringing back what seems like lost.

I am bringing back all those years locusts have eaten out of your life.

I am bringing back the life of righteous servant who walks with Me.

I am bringing back laughter and joy that was taken away

I am bringing back health to your body refreshing to your souls

I am bringing back all the good deeds and even more

for you have kept the faith

for you have kept going in the midst of most adverse circumstances.

You are rewarded for your faith in Me!


14 05 2020

I would like to write this piece that affected me a lot. Near where I live on the main road there is a notorious abortion clinic that they abort babies one after another day in day out. While I was pleased that they must be shut down now due to government restrictions on meetings and gatherings and everything else, hallelujah they won’t be able to abort the babies any more. Guess what? This morning as I was passing it by, I have seen a young lady going in. They are operating business as usual!!! Where is the government? Can you hear me? While everything else is shut down a place like this, where they abort babies whom GOD’s holy creations, Bible says we are ‘fearfully and wonderfully made’ by GOD Psalm 139:14, they go on business as usual continue aborting GOD’s most wonderful works of His own hands. Can you hear me? Can we say STOP to this? Can we say please STOP aborting babies? In the Name of Most High Almighty Holy GOD LORD Jesus Christ I ask, amen.

13 05 2020

You are not under bondage and you never will be 

for you are set free 

your freedom came at a price that is paid at Calvary!

So then what is this desperation all over nations?

The cries of the nations are heard in heavens seeking to be lifted out of all their afflictions. 

My friends GOD is Just and Holy 

He is Righteous 

He is pure

He is GOD of heavens and earth

He is the Home Maker for us all 

He is Infinite

He is Eternal Father to us all. 

Live your lives for the LORD!


You are purified and washed in My blood

You have been made righteous in Me

Do not fear

You will be lifted out of it all.

At GOD’s perfect timing He will bring to an end.

GOD is looking for the righteous to come forward.

Among you there are awaken to My Word and there are those sleepy ones

My precious children of GOD

Wake up

Get up

Rise up

Stand up

Live for the LORD!

I was found by those who did not know Me.

Search Me and find Me in you.

Stay strong

I will pull you out of it all!


Keep going till the end.

You will be lifted out of your affliction 

O ye servant of GOD

Is GOD hand shortened that cannot save you?

Rise up O ye nations 

The GOD is great and righteous 

He is Just and Holy

You have seen His righteous acts 

You will see it again in your life 

He will lift you out of it all

He has decreed your names to join Him in His glorious day

the battle of Armageddon is drawing nearer.

Stay in the course 

LORD will lift you out of it all!


11 05 2020

I turned a new leaf upon your life.

A new beginning, a new start is upon you.

A new dawn is opening up above your head.

Keep going, keep strong.

A new you will be emerging, a new life is drawing up close.

You will be emerging out of all these that you have gone through.

A new beginning drawing upon you.

Brace the change.

Brace it all as it comes.

I have given it all for you at your feet.

For you are lifted out of it all for you are going to sing and dance for the LORD with full of happiness and joy and laughter.

Its already done! 


08 05 2020

I am lifting up your oppression.

I am bringing you out to plain.

I am bringing you out to open.

I am giving you a new song.

I am raising you up in righteousness.

I am speaking life into others through you.

I am lifting you up out of all your afflictions.

For the Day of the LORD is at hand who can stand?

For the LORD has spoken who can but obey?

For the LORD has chosen His holy ones who can say otherwise?

The LORD is with you who can dispute but believe?

Rise up in righteousness.

Speak life to others.

Stand strong for you are standing on My holy grounds for you are with Me!


04 05 2020

All vanity.
Man toil and serve human masters under the sun without giving thoughts to their future in eternity.
Yet when the calamity comes they all fear, the fear takes over them for their trust has not been in the LORD JESUS CHRIST.
Now I say hear the good news and accept the LORD for the life is in the LORD JESUS CHRIST.
Man does not live on bread alone but on every word that comes out of the LORD.
O ye nations where is your faith?
The life of GOD is in you.
Put your trust in the LORD.
The LORD will keep you safe.
The LORD will shine on you.
The LORD will bring you out of all your troubles.
The LORD will rain on you with His blessings in double.
The LORD will go before you to make the crooked places straight.
The LORD will be with you in all your troubles.
The LORD will never leave you nor forsake you for He has chosen you in Him before the foundations of the world.
O ye servant your life is in the LORD.
Claim your future is in the LORD!

03 05 2020

Last night dreamt an angel of GOD was leading NHS workers in fight dance. NHS workers were dancing fight dance with her. She had white hairs and they were all dressed in blue/white check like trouser and top uniforms. GOD is great He sent His angel to strengthened and to uplift and to teach how to fight a spiritual battle for Bible saysFor our fight is not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, and against spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places.” Ephesians 6:12. My friends this is a spiritual battle, a spiritual warfare. Lets fight against the spiritual forces of the evil. As GOD has shown me we fight with a dance “For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds” 2 Corinthians 10:4. GOD bless! 

02 05 2020

Your hope is in Me.
I am your only hope.
The end result is your vindication.
The end result is life.
The end result is the victory you have been waiting for.
Death has been swallowed up in victory.
My friends the gates of hades shall not prevail
for it is done on the cross!
The victory has already been won.
You are victorious in Me.
Your name is written in the Lamb’s Book of Life.
Victorious children of GOD risen out of all their troubles and difficulties they go through in life.
The death is swallowed up in victory.
My friends do not fear the LORD is within us.
The LORD of lords is here with us.
My friends those who are with us are more than those who are against us.
For the LORD is with us who can be against us.
Victory has swallowed up the death no more afflictions no more suffering at the hands of the wicked.
Have no fear of evil nor the wicked and vile for the days of them who races against you is numbered for the pit is awaiting those who dug it for themselves.
Rise up the times of your vindication is here.
The victory has already been won!
Hallelujah! ©JESUSisLORD

30 04 2020

The times of affliction is coming to an end you are being transformed to a new beginning, a new you, a new self.
Your life is new in Me.
All is made new. Each and every one of you becomes a new creature in Me for the old way of doing things has passed away.
All made new and you will see that even crooks are made straight.
I have set it all out there for you.
I have made it all new.
I am rising you up like a sun shining in the sky against the crook and the vile.
I am rising you up like a dawn in the sky.
I am rising you up for you are the apple of My eye.
I see your problems I see your afflictions I see all that you are going through.
The times of abominable, the times of crookedness, the times of deceitfulness all over!
For the LORD has made new.
For the LORD brought it to you a new way, a new beginning, a new self.
The LORD has called all who are His to a holy life without an exception all to His service.
Come O ye weary and broken hearted join the LORD!
Hand in hand, shoulder to shoulder in His battle!
Those whom are suffered with the LORD will be glorified with the LORD!
Arise my soul hear all this!
The LORD has made the way to a brand new life.
Receive the promise given in the LORD!

25 04 2020

The LORD Righteous Judge makes the way for all His children to most beautiful green pastures by the still waters for the LORD is with His children and there is none other.

The LORD makes the way for His children out of all their troubles for He is their Saviour the King. 

The LORD drives out the enemy for the LORD is their Refuge.

The LORD keeps all His children safe for He is their Keeper.

The LORD is life and life of all man is in Him and will not depart from you.

The LORD will fight for you. 

The LORD will make the way for you.

The LORD will keep you safe.

The LORD will rain on you with His blessings.

Where is your faith?

Stand still and know that I am the LORD your GOD! 

I will never leave you nor forsake you. 

I, GOD live in you!

Amen X.


09 04 2020

Your help is given in LORD Jesus Christ.
Reach out to Holy GOD.
Lift your hands to the heavens  and seek forgiveness for your sins.
Your service is to GOD.
You have been lifted out of all afflictions.
The enemy came to destroy.
What do we say to that everyone?
Its already done!
Don’t you know my Master who is in heavens rebuked you for it? (to the enemy)
The Son of GOD declared with power to be the Son of GOD the Christ.
The Son of GOD in charge of all.
Don’t you know the GOD of heavens declared your name as righteous of the LORD (to us believers)
So then what is this desperation? Are we saying it is a godless society?
My friends lift your heads to the sky,
look up to the heavens,
see the king sitting in His throne at the right hand of the Father
for He is the King
He is the Messiah
He is the Son of GOD
Christ the LORD!

01 04 2020

The Word of the LORD came to me on the 1st day of April which is 8th day of lock down in UK.

O ye nations!
The virus has been rebuked by the LORD of heavens!
He has shown me in a dream.
The LORD has sent white sheets of tissue paper from heavens and wrapped the sickness with it and made it fall to the ground so that it won’t  touch anyone or anything anymore.
Awake Awake
O ye nations!
The LORD has rebuked the sickness that caused this havoc to society!
Awake Awake
O ye nations!
receive the good news the GOD of heavens declared ‘No more!’ and wrapped it with His hands to be delivered to the Satan as a present from heaven.
Have no fear. Have great joy!
Father has rebuked it all!
Get back to normal declares the LORD!

On the same night I had another dream; I was on a train standing, although there were lots of blue empty seats, wanted to stand up. Seen at the stop lots of people in multitudes wanted to get on so I have decided to take a seat. I have sat on one of the many available seats. Praise the LORD in situations like this people do turn to GOD and seek forgiveness for their sins and seek their salvation through our LORD Jesus Christ. This is a transitional period and how it appears from the dream that prior to this there were lots of empty seats for many people whom are called yet the train was almost empty. However at this stop, at this circumstance many people now wants to come on board and receive their salvation through our LORD Jesus Christ! Halleluiah!!! Everyone say Amen to that!!!

28 03 2020

On 24th December 2019 Christmas eve I had a vision of a city in the air that looked amazing; sky scrapers were floating in the air like ice sculptures they absolutely looked amazing. Then seen an actual round building which was floating in the sky came down back to its place firmly that some people got shaken off it to the waters beneath. That’s my friends Zion GOD’s holy city coming down from heaven and GOD will shake off the sinners and unbelievers who will not inherit the Kingdom of GOD. “For he looked for a city which hath foundations, whose builder and maker is God.” Hebrews 11:10. “Awaken, awaken, clothe yourself with strength, O Zion! Put on your garments of splendour, O Jerusalem, Holy City! For the uncircumcised and unclean will not again enter you.” Isaiah 52:1. “Or do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God?” 1 Corinthians 6:9

27 03 2020

Today as I woke up I have seen the presence of the LORD with my spiritual eyes sitting at the highest point, at the highest “Hosanna in the highest” and looking down on me, His eyes were on Me, watching Me. Here is the prophecy from that moment:

LORD is at highest. Sits on top and looks down us here on earth, keeps His eyes on us to see where we are in our faith and which path we have chosen. He approves our correct doings and opens the door and disapproves and closes the doors on others.

O ye nations rejoice in the LORD rejoice always! The LORD is great! The greatest could ever exist. He is so great that we mortals cannot physically reach Him but He reaches on us.

O ye nations serve the LORD and revere His Holy Name only. He is with us in our hearts always.

Shine your light O ye nations keep the faith. LORD says; do not fear. I am watching over every step you take. You are kept safe for I watch you at all times.

Keep your light shining

Keep your head up

The GOD is watching over us.

He will grant all your heart desires for you put your hope in the LORD.

He does not hold back any good thing away from you for He is goodness and pure white light shines in the sky. Heaven is His home and He seats on His throne.

We are all in His hands.

We are all safe. He watches over His children His anointed ones. He is the Father from all eternity.

Lift your hands up together to the heavens and salute the KING!


26 03 2020

LORD says you will see and hear rumours of war among you do not get alarmed for the time will come you will all see Me in the sky coming with the clouds.

LORD gave me a song with a tune this morning and here is it is:

Stay strong till the end for the LORD is here in your hearts.

He will never leave you by yourselves for you belong to Him and you will always be.

O O O O O O O O 

He is LORD of lords and KING of kings He is your King.

O ye nations stand strong your LORD is here standing with you in the fire.

O O O O O O O O 

The LORD came looking for you

till He found His holy ones to join Him in the sky.

O O O O O O O O 

The LORD said My holies are with Me

now is the time for the Kingdom to rise.

O O O O O O O O 

The Kingdom of GOD comes from the sky all eyes look up to see

the LORD is coming in the clouds.

O O O O O O O O 

LORD said rise up O ye nations

arm yourselves for the battle of Armageddon

so it was done as it was told.

O O O O O O O O 

The battle was won in a day and the celebration cheerings went up to the sky for all to see, hear and know the LORD came down for us to save us

from wicked and evil for they have no part with the LORD.

O O O O O O O O 

Rise up you nations stand strong your LORD will not leave you alone

in the battles you face for He is with you always!

O O O O O O O O 

The LORD came for His holy ones and rescued them from all their troubles for

He is alive and KING sitting on His Father’s throne for the life to come.


04 03 2020
I say to you my brothers and sisters do not back down in the face of difficulties and setbacks, keep going for the LORD is with you who can be against you. You will be tested, we will all be tested for our faith in the LORD. LORD does things in most mysterious ways that beyond our comprehension and understanding. Trust Him with the choice, He has the best in mind for us. He does not want the second best and never gave us the second best. He always gave us His very best His only Son our LORD Jesus Christ on the cross! He is the Giver of Life, He is GOD from GOD, He is the LORD of lords the KING of kings the GOD Almighty. The only Son of the Father. He is our Saviour who died for us on the cross. There is no one man on this earth will do what He has done for me and for all of us. Such man does not exist on this earth. He alone is the One, He alone is the One for us all! Believe in Him so that you shall be saved for life eternal. GOD bless, Betul

19 02 2020

Just attended Hillsong breakfast event this morning. I have taken some calendars with me to give to a few people (I actually only gave to 1 person) I connect with however I’ve got told off for giving them out while I was praising them for doing wonderful work. They have seen me as a threat to their ministry despite the fact I am one person who prophesy for all believers and unbelievers, they are a huge church all over the world. They didn’t see me as a complementary they have seen me as a competitor. They didn’t see prophecy as an encouragement to other believers they have just seen me as promoting my ministry hence threat to their ministry. Where does it say in the Bible we are competitors in the body of Christ? We all unique and serve the LORD in different ways and that is called ministry. If a believer especially a church sees me as a threat to their business and perceives me that way, I shall rejoice in the LORD for He was rejected by the scribes and Pharisees of His generation. Praise the LORD and His Holy Name only!!! Hallelujah!!!

22 01 2020

Hope everyone is well. I had a mix day. I am coming towards the end of my first assignment from GOD and waiting on GOD. Last week I have dreamt I was running as fast as I could that’s the way I want to run to wards the end to finish it off well. Cannot wait. I just want my LORD to say well done My servant you have been faithful over a few things I will make you ruler of many things!!! Yeah yeah yeah!!! Even if it appears to be we are failing take courage LORD have over come the world. The race is till the end till our last breath, it wont stop till then. Therefore I say run as fast as you could. Do not hesitate do not look back. There are lots of goats and that’s life down here and we have to live with them all only for a moment then the Kingdom. Therefore do not despise one another keep the matters balance and in orderly fashion. Remember that LOVE of GOD endures forever and He loves all for all created for His glory, amen to that! GOD bless you and grace of our LORD Jesus Christ be with you.

21 01 2020

Not a great day today. I woke up with a message from Prophet Obadiah that was a disappointing news for me. I wished everything was better in a twinkling of an eye. I know that it will be when the LORD comes and we will all change into our spiritual bodies and we will have a celebration and home coming party when we depart this earth. We need to endure and go through the process by test and trials we are transformed into the image of our LORD Jesus Christ. I wished that we were perfect everything would have been so perfect too. No sadness or heartache would have overwhelmed us. The Day of the LORD is coming and it will not delay. WE will be with the LORD forever. I do not know whether it is the case for you all but the LORD is my first love, He will always be first for me. In fact He is the only real love I have ever experienced. There is no one man on this earth that will do what LORD did on the cross for each and everyone of us. He bore my sins past, present and future, He died for me and for all of us. I wished that I would not sin never. When I think of the LORD what He did for me I cannot sin. My LORD is holy so I am holy too. Holy is the LORD His servants are holy to the LORD, amen and amen.

20 01 2020

Finally done!!! Sent the charity company papers over to Companies House!!! Praise the LORD!!! I have no idea how it will work what will come to it but its done. Lets hope GOD does great works through me for the strengthening of His church. I feel I am coming out of one season entering into new which I am apprehensive about after a long wait it has finally arrived. I have waited I feel so long and dreamt it will happen today, tomorrow, next day but didn’t, took good more than 3 years which I had no idea I was entering into it. Like in the Bible, Word of GOD says the storm came suddenly and they were afraid. The storm in my life entered suddenly which I did not expect and by the time it ends it will be 40 months and it started 40 days after accepting LORD Jesus Christ as my Saviour. I feel it was my testing and preparation period, I clung to the LORD, prayed with intensity, fasted regularly, read Word of GOD day in day out, listened to many sermons, attended many different churches and their services, it has been an eye-opening period for me. As if I was wondering in a dessert and I was hungry for the Word of GOD yet endured many challenges during the process. I feel like I am battered and bruised with many scares all over me. Now that it is coming to an end I shall be rejoicing yet it is a funny feeling part of me is sad yet rejoicing knowing that it will be over soon. I feel today is the great confirmation it is finally over, amen to that all for the glory of GOD amen.

19 01 2020
Just remembered to write this piece. I am in the process of getting the company set up after the worship service today I have been busy trying to get the paper work right, lots of typing and make sure what I put down is right that sort of thing. I have no idea where it will lead to, how far it will fetch, all I know is its GOD’s will and I am just obeying to it. I wasn’t even thinking of a setting up a company. I was happy with a charity being set up. GOD clearly has a higher plan and purpose than I am. Now I have a charitable company being set up which I still cannot make sense at the moment but I am sure when the time comes GOD will make it clear and it will all fall in its place. Praise be to our GOD LORD Jesus Christ. He always has a plan and purpose for each and everyone of us.

18 01 2020

Thanks be to my Holy GOD just finished the preliminary paper work for the company He would like me to set up for the ministry. It is a charitable organisation being incorporated under companies act. Although I used to work in city all day long and used to like my work before I came to Christ, now that I am serving GOD any time spent away from GOD I feel being wasted as I was hoping to read good amounts of Romans today. These last 3 years have been day in day out breathing Word of GOD now that GOD is in the process of bringing me out I am not quiet clear how to balance the earthly living with spiritual living and being. I have no doubt GOD has great plans for me to figure it out somehow 🙂 He is an amazing GOD and He always has a plan for each and every one of us if only we trust Him fully and give ourselves up for anything and everything He has in store for us. GOD is great so great that He does amazing things for us, only afterwards we realise what GOD was doing with us all along, using us as an instrument to reach out our many brothers and sisters yet we did not know that at the beginning, now we do makes us feel special that GOD picked us from among many to do that. Halleluiah! Give praises to Holy GOD Father of our LORD Jesus Christ and to our LORD without them in our lives we can’t even guess where we would have been today.

17 01 2020

Praise the LORD today I have impressed myself as I was thinking perhaps, I will only be able to read half the Acts yet I have read the whole book and listened to the audio version as well so doubled. I highly recommend everyone as they read their Bible at some stage listen to it as well and read and listen to different versions of the Bible. There usually be a favourite version that you would prefer nevertheless try reading different versions of Bible like NIV, NKJ, Gideon and KJV. Right now, I am reading Gideon version which I am highly enjoying it. Saying that I have started on NIV and after reading that twice moved onto NKJV which I also read twice I thought that was very good as well and I am listening to KJV as we speak for I am hoping to read KJV next. What I find is that you pick differently from each version which amazes me. That on its own proves LORD’s Word is alive and it definitely is a double-edged sword. Have a good evening.

16 01 2020


My name is Betul and I come from Turkey from a small town called Zonguldak (the Biblical times name is Heraclea) which is in Bithynia of the Bible. I am a Chartered Accountant however since I came to Christ, I have made a decision not to go back to my work and serve the living GOD. I like what I do in my service to GOD, in fact I thoroughly enjoy it most of the times, just at times I get hit by a sand storm and saddens me but most of the time I am happy and content with what I do. My LORD has appointed me to His service in 2016 November and I have accepted His call with open arms. At the time I was very sad and repented all my sins before the Holy GOD and He made me new and accepted me as His own. I am ever so grateful to my LORD without Him I don’t know where I would have been today. I say to all of you give yourselves up for Christ and never think about the rest or what was before for He makes you brand new in Him and no one on earth can give you that. Love you all, Betul.