The daily prophetic word:

I am unlocking all that I have promised you, I am unlocking all that spiritual gifts to My children, I am unlocking all the doors that were shut on you. The patience and endurance is required. Love is the key unlocks all the doors. Love each other as much as I love you. Do not turn away from each other, do not walk away, the times are hard hold on to one another. I am unlocking all for you. I will break down the defences the enemy is putting up, I will break down the hearts of stubbornness, I will breakdown the liars, I will break down the hearts of cold people for I am unlocking for you.

Put a smile on your face, be kind to one another, love each other, love is the key. Love one another. Without love nothing is possible. Love is first. Love is kind, love is gentle, love is patient, love is peace, love is calm. My Father so loved the world that He sent Me. For I will be with you always. Do not stray off, bring your focus back to Me. All who do not believe will try all sort of things to get away from the truth, there is no escape. The truth will be staring them on their face when they see the Son of Man coming in clouds with His holy ones. Till then be patient, be holy, be blameless, be strong in faith.


The daily prophetic word:

The sadness is not to last, the sadness is not allowed in My Kingdom for I am unlocking the gates of heaven for happiness in your life. When the enemy hits hard do not retaliate, stand firm, be strong, persevere in the face of difficulties. The mission is to win hearts of My people, the mission is to live happy and fulfilled lives, the mission is to live uprightly before Me, the mission is to bring smile on your face. I will not fail, I will bring you the days of your lives to stop then a new life in Christ in My Kingdom for those whoever believes in Me. I will not fail, I will bring a new earth and a new heaven for My people in My Kingdom. I will not fail, I will come to rescue you all from the hands of unbelievers who despise Me and all that I do for My Father.

Be peaceful, do not let your heats to be troubled for I am with you. I will never leave nor forsake you. Give your hand, hold onto Me, I will guide you and instruct you to the way you should go. I will cast My eyes on you. I will pull you from the depths you are in to brand new life in Christ for Christ.


The daily prophetic word:

The devil will desert this world. The devil will be cast out of My people’s lives. The devil will disappear into the lake of fire. You My people do not fear, do not hold back down in the face of adversities, keep firm till the end. In Me and with Me, you will find peace. In Me and with Me, you will reach your eternal destiny. In Me and with Me, you will find life. You were once dead in your sins, now you died in Christ for a life eternal, for a life that will have far more fruits for you in Christ. So then wipe the tears away from your eyes, get up on your feet and fight a good fight for Christ.

Stand tall and strong, be joyful in Me. I am opening the doors for you, walk in My name. Do not hesitate, do not despair, do not hold back. Life in Christ will reach out to those who are lost, those who don’t know who to turn to, those who want to live. I will bring smile to My people faces, I will bring My glory upon their lives, I will bring My miracles to those who seek My Kingdom. For Christ they have abandon their former lives, in Christ they will be blessed abundantly. Be hold I am coming with My rewards for those who live in Me.


The daily prophetic word:

Be strong in faith. This lives will come to pass, hold onto Me. Only I can bring all back to you, only I can make it all happen, only I can give you the eternal life. Do not weep, you once lived, you once die in Christ. For those who are in pain, for those who choose a life in Christ, I will open the gates of heaven. For those who walk in My name, for those who love their GOD with all their heart and soul and mind I will bring the pleasures of eternal life. For those who seek My Kingdom, for those who does the will of My Father I will bring their eternal destiny in My Kingdom.

Live in faith. Do not conform to the earthly pleasures, the lives you have in Christ is precious, it is more precious than anything on this earth, it is beyond this earth. No eyes have seen what My Father has prepared for you. No one has fully perceived what is waiting for you. Live by faith in Me with Me. Your eternal destiny is in My hand, its given to only those who believe in Me. So than get up, walk by Me, live with Me, have faith in Me.


The daily prophetic word:

Do not lose your hope, be strong in your faith. Those fighting against you fighting against Me. Little they know that I live in you. Little they know that there is a life in Me, the eternal life for whoever believes in Me. Little they know that you came to this earth as My disciple to serve Me. Little they know that My Father sent Me for all humanity for whoever believes in Me shall be saved.

I, GOD live in those who believes in Me. I, GOD bring peace, joy and contentment to those who love Me. Like the sun in the sky, like the stars at night, shine, bring your shine out over to My people, shine through Me. I will hold your hand, I will guide your feet, I will take you all the places your heart is set. Wipe away your tears. The day is not over yet nor My hand is short. Believe in Me. So then spring up. Live a life worthy of Christ. I will bring My angels over you, I will make crooked paths straight for you. What you utter from your mouth will be coming from Me. I will assign My angels for you to make it happen for you. In Christ you will find life, in Christ you will find peace, in Christ is love. In Christ where all starts, in Christ where all ends.


The daily prophetic word:

This is a start of a new beginning. This is where it all starts, this is LORD Jesus Christ. It’s started at Calvary on the cross the moment I died for you it’s all started, a new beginning in Christ for Christ. This is the new beginning of a new life, eternal and forever. I will take you with Me to Zion. I will allow you in My temple, I will give you access to My tent. I died for you, for you all to live an eternal life worthy of Christ. This eternal life is for you who believe in Me, who does what I say, who follows Me to Zion. Live in hope, hope for an eternal life for your families, hope for an eternal future for your loved ones. Whoever comes to Me to drink, shall drink from My water, shall dwell in Zion. When I open the doors of Zion, none of you will ever scatter again. I AM. I AM WHO I AM. I am the great Sheppard for My sheep.

The days are evil, avoid the evil, do not allow the bad near you. Those who divulge themselves in wrong doings, in earthly pleasures, will not see a day in Zion. I will not allow anyone who does not believe in Me. I came to this earth for you to live. My suffering on the cross meant for you to live a life eternal in Me. Believe in Me so you could live.


The daily prophetic word:

The days are evil. Help those who needs help, help My people who are lame, blind and poor. Share all you have with them. Do not hold back the measure you use it will be measured to you. Bring peace to those who are lacking, give food to those who don’t have any. My Kingdom belong to who are aware of their spiritual needs. Step out in faith. When you step out in faith, you see the way I see, you hear what I hear. When the time comes and you all depart this earth, remember you cannot take anything with you. Store up the treasures in heaven in everything you do here on earth. When you help My people you will be helped, in your difficulties you will be pulled from the deep ends. Sing praises to the LORD your God who created you. You were once poor now rich in heaven, share all you have generously.

Nothing will be taken from you but given more when you obey Me and do as I command. My thoughts are higher than yours and My ways are higher than your ways. Seek Me for My guidance and direction. Be prudent in your ways. Give thought to others. When you do as I command, you will be the happiest on earth. So then take up your cross and follow Me, your LORD Jesus Christ.


The daily prophetic word:

The blazing fire flaming throughout the earth destroying all along the way. No one survived. It came to an end. This was the end written in the prophets. The fire in Me will not quench, the fire is with Me no one will escape. The land is destroyed, burning smoke, charcoaled, the sky is darkened no more blue sky, no more greens, no more starts at night, it all came to end. This is the end.

Son of Man will appear with His holy ones. Son of Man will bring hope to His people. Son of Man will take His holy ones with Him. Son of Man will put a smile on His people. Holy! Holy! Holy! The Most High Majesty! They will chant throughout the land. You could hear them from the ends of the earth.

Here you are now you know, the end is written from the beginning. It will not change. GOD, the Majesty will take His holy ones with Him. Be holy for I am holy. Be blameless in My sight. Do not take on more than you can chew. Be clean. Do not touch anyone unclean. Do not allow anyone near you unclean. This is the way to follow. This is the way to My Kingdom. I will take you there with me who are in Christ. Whoever has ears let them hear!


The daily prophetic word:

Open your eyes to the truth. The truth that will be revealed at My coming. The truth that will set My people free of their burdens. The truth that there is a life after this, eternal life for all who believe in Me. Open your eyes to downcast, to the people who are in need for help, to lonely, to needy, give your hands for help, pull them out of their troubles, difficulties. I have died for you so you could live. Live a life worthy of Me, worthy of Christ. These lives you are in will not last. It is the eternal life that will last forever for whoever believes in Me. When you believe, I will bring the treasures of heaven for you. I will bring the eternal life with Me.

So I tell you, your past is gone, your future ahead of you is in glimpse, for all that who live a life in Me and with Me will live. Do not oppress one another, do not be disobedient to what I say for those who obey Me will be rewarded. For those who live in Me will be glorified. For those are going through persecution and difficulties for My name sake will be exalted. Chose to live, chose to obey, chose to live a life in Christ for Christ for ever and ever. Amen.


The daily prophetic word:

Its time, time to shine, time to fulfil your eternal destiny. It’s time to move forward, do not hold back, do not hesitate, bring your light onto this world. The ones who believe in your testimony of Me, believe in Me. For the ones, who believe in Me, will live with Me. When the gates of heaven open to a new life with Me and with My Father, you will be rewarded for all your works. Be hold I am coming with My rewards. Who can stand till the days are over, who are established firm in their faith, who is upright and just in their ways, who speaks the truth, who cherishes the word of GOD in their heart, who speaks of it on their lips day and night, who meditates on it, who prays to Me in spirit and truth for My guidance and instructions, who lives by Me? Those are the ones I will reward. For those your brothers and sisters who are lost, who are blinded in this sinful earth I will open their eyes to My truth, I will put My spirit in them to live, I will seal them till the day of redemption. So then smile, rejoice for I am with you. I will never leave nor forsake you.

Get up now, join with your brothers and sisters for your work in Christ. The days are drawing near establish firm in your faith. Do not tolerate those who undermines your authority on earth, walk away from the evil doers, speak the Truth. Say the Word, it will be done for you. This is the promise I have for all who believe in Me, who put their trust in Me, who live by Me.


The daily prophetic word:

There is nothing that you cannot accomplished for I am with you. There is nothing that I will not do it for you for I died for you. For those who are far from Me, come to repentance, repent for your sins! Truly I tell you, you will not make it without Me. Surrender your lives to Christ! What is that you cannot accomplish, what is it that you do not believe, what is that makes you carouse? Truly I tell you, you will regret the day you have rejected Me. My light came to this world, you did not recognise, My light shone upon you, you turned your back. Truly I tell you, you will not go unpunished. For whoever has ears to hear let them hear!

My people serve Me, they live for Me. They discern what goes around them, they see the way I see, they feel what I feel, they speak the truth from their heart, yet no one comes to hear them, no one is there to hold their hand. Glorify the Father who sent Me, give glory and praises to the LORD your GOD! When the appointed time comes the Son will be glorified in Him and all the angels and holly ones with Him. Live for that. Bless are those who are called to the wedding banquet, blessed are those who will see the day. Do not relinquish what’s been given to you, do not forsake the one sent for you. Live for Christ!


The daily prophetic word:

Do not be right in your own eyes. Do not be prideful. Do not deceive My people who are trying to help you. You have one chance, one life to make it happen through the doors of My Kingdom. Why would you waste? Why would you run away? Christ died for you so you could live. Why would you choose to die? When you obey Me, live with My truth I will open the floodgates of heaven for you. When you live with My truth, I will bring My glory upon your life. When you obey Me, I will acknowledge you before My Father.

Come on then, take your cross daily and follow Me, live for Me, for Christ. Smile, rejoice Christ died for you and risen. I will rise all who died for Me, who live in Me. Be joyful, live a life worthy of Christ, walk away from the evil doers, walk away from the idolatries. When you believe I will open the doors for you to walk in faith and obedience, upright and righteous. When you believe I will send My angels for you to make crooked paths straight. When you believe there will be rejoicing in Heaven for you. Believe, believe in Me.


The daily prophetic word:

I am closing in, I will bring My calamity over those who are rebellious, I am closing in those who are disobedient, I am closing in those whose hearts are stone. At My command they will fall by the sword, at My command they will face the wrath of GOD, at My command I will break the chains they tied My people with. Heaven and earth will rejoice on My return for the Kingdom that have been promised for all My people who believe in Me, they live for Me. Those who are outsiders, those who are far from Me, from My truth, those who rely on themselves rather than Me, those who live in earthly pleasures rather than in Me, will be severely punished.

Now you heard, heaven and hell will break out, the earth will shake, the blue sky will disappear, the sea will burst open at My return. Open the way to My Kingdom for My people, open the highway to Zion for My temple. Where are those who rejected Me, where are those who laughed at Me, where are those who snared at Me, nowhere to be found, nowhere to be seen, they gone for good.

In a little while you will be rewarded for all the works you do for me, in a little while you will smile, in a little while My Kingdom will be with you.


The daily prophetic word:

For I am with you who can be against you. For I died for you who can take you out of My hand. For I ordered My angels for you to carry out your utterances who can resist you. The mountains are not too high to climb, My Word is not too difficult to accept. Accept Me, live in Me. When the doors of My Kingdom opens, when the Son of Man comes in clouds, have a reason to rejoice. I will make the crooked paths straight for you, I will send My angels for you, for I will be with you when you believe in Me. I will baptise you with My Holy Spirit, I will seal you as Mine for eternity.

These lives are not to last, these lives will end, these lives are only here for a moment or two. Seek the eternal life, seek for My Kingdom, walk through the narrow gate that only a few will find it. All to come to repentance is required, for all to seek forgiveness, for all to revere LORD’s name, for in a short while My Kingdom will be here. Live in Me, live with Me in My Kingdom for an eternal life. This is the promise I have for you whoever believes in Me will live an eternal through Me.


The daily prophetic word:

The refreshing to your soul comes from Me. I am the Sun of righteousness, I am the brightness of Morning Star, believe in Me. I will direct your path, I will take you to the way you should go, I will open your eyes to My truth. My glory shall come upon you when you believe. My light will shine on you, do not be afraid. My joy will be with you, My shine will be on you. I will open the door for you. The doors of My Kingdom is open for you. Can you feel My presence in you? Talk to My people, can you take them from the place of need to abundance, abundance in Me? Can you teach them the Word? Can you communicate them the way I do with you? Can you bring them to My Kingdom? Then you should. You should not hesitate to take the next step towards them, to be with them. They are blinded, they cannot see My light the way you see, they cannot feel My presence the way you do.

I appoint My disciples they do it for Me. My Kingdom belong to those who listens to Me, who obeys what I say. Do not flutter, be strong and determined. Stand strong, firm, unshakable. Do not allow people to direct your path. I, your GOD here for you. I, GOD live in you. I, GOD died for you. Do not put your trust in people. I, GOD gave you My blessings. I, GOD gave you My spiritual gift. I, GOD will talk to you in the ways you understand. The mere humans don’t, you do. So then be advocate to those in need, those who cannot see or hear Me. Be advocate to those who are hurt in their feelings, injured on their path, I am here for you all, I died for you all, come to Me. Live a life worthy of Me, do not hesitate, do not stagger, run to Me. Then My glory shall be upon you. I will make your heart desires come true, live in Me.


The daily prophetic word:

This is a new day, a new dawn I am bringing with Me. This is what you have been working for, this is what you have been waiting for. It will come to an end here on earth and a new life will begin as it is in heaven. You shall all come to My presence, you shall all feel what I feel in your hearts when you believe. When you believe I will roll out your destiny before you. The sky will fall down on unbelievers. I will roll out the earth like a carpet. A new earth will take its place. Heaven and earth will be together all in one. The dreams will come true, the dreams you have been dreaming will turn into reality, the wishes you have deep in your heart will come to pass, believe in Me.

Do not fear, do not doubt I have taken you from the deeps of sadness, helplessness to place of peace and contentment in Me. Rejoice in Me, sing with Me a new song, a new start with the start of this very new year. It will all come to pass, at My say the angels of heaven will rush into to turn it all around a full 360 degree for you. Because you believe in Me I will make it happen for you. Because you believe in Me I am with you, I live in you.


The daily prophetic word:

Do not lose your hope. I have given you this life for you to prosper for you to be happy for you to be fruitful and fulfil your destiny. Where are you right now has no bearing to where your destiny is. A beautiful clear sky, a beautiful clear conscious, a beautiful bright future is on the horizon for you because you believe in Me. At My command heaven and earth everything in it were created, at My command I will turn it all around. Upside down that what it will be at My return. The earth will be in chaos and everything in it. People will flee from one place to another to avoid Me. That’s what the unbelievers do, they avoid My people, they brand them as they wish. They shall stagger, they shall perish.

Do not dismay, put your hope in Me. I will take you to the places where I will make a room for you, where people will open their doors to welcome you. Wipe away the tears you are shedding, while I died for you, My blood shed for you. I uphold you with My right hand, take a deep breath and step out in faith for Me. Every step you take in My name will be rewarded to those who believe in Me. Every opportunity I put on your way is for you to come to Christ, for you to live in Christ. I gave My life to all who believe in Me, who endure the pain and stay strong till the end in My name, will see Me at the right hand of the Father. That is the promise I have for you.


The daily prophetic word:

I heard you cry when you were at the deep ends, I hear you call My name when you were in helpless situation, I have pulled you from the deep ends to where you are. Now look at you boisterous, care free, here today there tomorrow. Is this how you repay Me? Is this why you called on My name so you could be free of your troubles yet not a thought of Me in your life? As surely as live you have angered the LORD with your thoughts and deeds. You have not given a thought about Me in your life. I have opened the doors for you to walk in, I have sent My angels for you to see the light, yet you have not. Rise up! Have faith in Me. Rise up! Trust in Me. Rise up! Believe in Me.

Who is to say there is tomorrow? Who is to know what’s waiting for you tomorrow? I the LORD make the days, I do LORD made the heavens and earth. All formed at My command. Here you are, you say you do not believe. If you do not believe why did you call My name during your troubles. What is so hard to believe that you do not believe? Start believing, believe in My truth. I have sent My angels for you, at My command they do what I ask for Me. Do not oppress My people, do not give them hard time, do not set difficulties for the one who is trying to help you. Walk hand in hand with them, shoulder to shoulder, work for Me, serve Me while you can. I will reward all those who do work for Me who live in Me. It’s your time to come to Christ, shine, rise up! It’s your LORD Christ calling your name.


The daily prophetic word:

People all around the world listen to what I say. I speak to each one of you, I show you the way and the direction you should take, I send you My prophets to speak on My behalf yet you do not turn to Me. Turnaround from your wicked ways, turnaround from divulging yourself in earthly pleasures. Turn to Me, praise the LORD, glorify My name, give thanks and praises to Me. I will glorify who glorifies Me, I will acknowledge those who acknowledges Me. I will reward those who has been faithful in their words and deeds to Me. It is not the earthly pleasures you are after it is not the material substance you seek. It is My Kingdom! that you all ought to seek, it is My Kingdom that will provide you all you need and more. It is My Kingdom that will be established here on earth forever. It is My Kingdom here to stay.

So then rise up, come before Me clean, repent for all your sins, open the door when I knock, welcome Me to your homes, speak to Me on your lips, hold onto Me in your hearts, be obedient to what I say, be truthful to yourself and to Me, be faithful to Christ in your actions and deeds. Rise up, it’s your time to turn to Me. Rise up the LORD your GOD calling you, honour Me in this age and in the ages to come.


The daily prophetic word:

The day is not over yet and My hand is not short. I will bring My glory upon you, I will bless you. Do not fear, do not dismay, live your life worthy of Christ. Those who persecute you persecuting Me, those who rejecting you rejecting Me. A new day is dawning, a new path way is opening for you to walk in hand in hand. Bring all to Christ. Christ died for you. You all have a life that is eternal in Me whoever believes in Me will not perish but will inherit the eternal life, My Father has given to those His. Remember always I died for you, remember always I gave My life to you. My Father who sent Me does not want any of you to perish but to come to repentance and believe in Me.

When you believe I will assign My angels for you. When you believe I will declare your name in heaven before My Father. When you believe this life will come to pass and you start a new life in Christ. When you believe the heaven and earth will rejoice with you. When you believe I will give you My yoke. When you believe My glory will be upon you. I will bless you I will shower you with My blessings. When you believe the heavens will open up above you. Look up, look at Me. See Me on the cross bleeding, dying for you. Nailed to cross for your sins. Nailed to cross for you to live. Choose to live an eternal life in Me with Me. It’s Christ your LORD calling you.


The daily prophetic word:

The time to pass here on earth and new times for the new earth and heaven to start. I bring My glory with Me, I bring My peace with Me, I bring My holy ones with Me, I bring whoever believes in Me. There is no any other way, there is no any other chance, there is no any other place. It’s been determined. Take a decisive step forward, take a peaceful stand, firm in faith and in actions for Me. I love you all, I gave My life for you all, for you to live an eternal life in Me. Do not dismay your lives, do not fear human beings. What a mere human beings could do to you while I am with you. You have a friend in heaven and that’s Me. Do not shed tears for I shed My blood for you. By faith you could move mountains, by putting your trust in Me move onto the next step. Every step you take in faith will bring you closer to Me.

I will double up My blessings for you, I will shower you with My glory when you obey, when you do My will in your life. Submit your lives to Christ, live in Christ. Is there anything that I cannot do for you? Is there anything that I wouldn’t do for you who live in Christ. Do not lose hope, your hope is in Me. I am in sight, do not lose sight. Be sober and alert and on guard to all what goes around you. I will protect you, I will guide you, I will instruct you, believe in Me.


The daily prophetic word:

I will give you your heart desire, I will run My chariots for you, I will bring the heavens on earth for you. You are the light, My light on the earth, you are predestined for Me. You are predestined for all that goodness stored for you, you are predestined to be the child of God. You are predestined for eternal destiny, you are predestined for My glory, you are predestined to serve Me. Do not run away from Me, do not turn your back onto My blessings for you. I have sent My angels for you, live a life worthy of Christ. These lives you are in will come to an end, all will come to end. Live for the life eternal, live for Me, in Me.

Shine! bring your light to earth, shine like the morning star, shine like a star at night, shine your time has come. Be obedient and faithful to Christ, bring good deeds, bring good news, bring My Kingdom to people on the earth. Awake you sleepy, awake you drowsy, awake your time has come! Awake from your sins, awake from your old ways, awake from the deadly lives. Rise up! I am calling your name for eternal life through Me, in Me with Me. I will bless those who walk on My way, I will bring My glory upon those who obey Me, I will reward those who are faithful to Me. Make your choice. Christ calling your name.


The daily prophetic word:

The judgement will come upon those who are disobedient to Me, who have no faith in Me, who disregard Me. The final hour is approaching, the final hour will come upon those who disobey Me, who divulged themselves in earthly pleasures. The final hour is here, sulphur will rain on them. I will take My people with Me, no one will be able to touch them, hurt them anymore. This is the new beginning for them, this is the promise given through the prophets, this is your LORD Jesus Christ. I came to this earth to deliver you from the hands of the evil, I came to this earth to take you with Me. Live in Me, with Me. So I say to you no one will see a day without Me, only with Me and through Me you will be saved.

Spread the word, shout from the roof tops, your LORD is calling you to come to repentance, your LORD is calling you to duty, your LORD is calling you to obedience, your LORD is calling you to His Kingdom. This is your LORD the God, who died for you on the cross for your sins, this is your LORD who brought you the good news, this is your LORD calling you to repentance, this is your LORD calling your name. Repent for your sins, seek forgiveness from the Most High, come to obedience, live with Me, in Me.


Do not fear, take your time for Me to guide you, lead you. They try and try, try to persecute you but know that they will not succeed. Their end is here. Wrath of God is coming onto those who persecute Me, wrath of God coming onto those who deliberately pervert the justice, wrath of God coming onto those who disobey Me. Hold firm, stand strong. With My sword I will cut them open, their filth will be displayed in public squares in full display.

He is running wild, he is turning left and right all directions. He is lost and you have found him. He is not happy. He should have done the training with you the woman guided him incorrectly he realises that its too late now. He will go to court and say that all untrue. He is part of a mafia chain. Judge will see him through. He will order for the full payment to be done and not to contact you and you not to contact him.


The daily prophetic word:

Be holy, be godly, be blameless, be clean. Be hold I am coming with My rewards, be hold I am the One you are waiting for, be hold My angels are with Me. I am the Archangel, I am the life, I am the way and the truth. As you stand firm in your faith in Me, with Me, as you face the persecutions do not wither, as you put your hope in Me, as you face the difficult times pray for My guidance, I will reward you. I will reward who died in Me, I will reward those who said ‘no’ to the opposition, I will reward those who cry to Me in anguish for My help, I will reward those who serve Me.

In faith you serve Me, in love you take your steps. You have woken up to the truth, the absolute truth, there is no other. So then stay strong, a path is opening for you, walk through, do not look back, do not hesitate. What’s coming is here to stay, what’s coming is Son of Man with holy angels, what’s coming is the one and only Lord of Lords, Kings of Kings, LORD Jesus.