The daily prophetic word:

Whoever believes in Me will be saved. Do not be unarmed, arm yourself with the belt of truth, arm yourself with My word. Where are those who attacked you, where are those who oppressed you, where are those who spoke against you, surely I tell you they will see their punishment, they will not be seen, they will not be heard, their punishment comes from above. Help those who needs help, give your hand to those who accepts you, whoever accepts you, accepts Me, whoever welcomes you welcomes Me. Whoever stood against you, was against Me. Surely I tell you their end will come, surely I tell you they will be nowhere to be seen. Hades and death awaits for those who stood against Me, Hades and death awaits those who violated My covenant with My holy ones, hades and death awaits those who spoke against Me. All who are disobedient to Me, all those who are rebellious against Me, all the liars, all those idolisers, all those practise sorceries, all those who do not believe in Me, will not see a day, they will see their end when Son of Man comes with His holy ones, their end will come. This is the end written by the prophets, this is the Judgement Day!

So I say believe in Me, do not be ignorant, do not think you know the best in your own eyes. The best was in front of you, you couldn’t tell the truth, the best was with you, you turned your face. Walk away from the evil doers, walk away from the liars, walk away from the vile, walk away from the unbelievers. Hold on to Me and never let go of Me. Only through Me, with Me you will be saved.


The daily prophetic word:

When the time draws close by, when you see the end is coming do not be alarmed, do not panicked. The end will come. Don’t you know that nothing last in life, only the eternal life in Me with Me through Me. Don’t you know that Son of Man will come and pick His holy ones and will glorify them. Don’t you know that you when you come to Me in petitions and prayers I listen to My holy ones and heal them. Don’t you know that I cast My eye on you for you to achieve all I have set out for you. Don’t you know that I am your refuge in times of troubles. Don’t you know that I have given you a life for you to live in Me. Don’t you know that whatever you do in this life time you will be bound by it. Don’t you know the heavens are greater than the earth. Don’t you know that My Father sent Me for you to be saved. Don’t you know that whoever sins against a brother or a sister will be punished. Don’t you know that when I died at the cross My blood was shed for you. Don’t you know that you will reap what you saw. Don’t you know that you will be rewarded for your good deeds in Me. Don’t you know that you have one life time opportunity, one life time chance to make it into My Kingdom after that the judgement. Don’t you know that the judgement day will come for all. Don’t you know that only through Me you will be saved. So I say choose to live in Me, with Me. The eternal life is in Me. I hold the keys to the Kingdom of GOD, it is tightly secured in My hand.


The daily prophetic word:

Do not yoke together with unbelievers. What do you have in common with an unbeliever? What do you lack that they could possibly provide for you? You are a child of God, our Father in heaven provides for all your needs. Ask it will be given, seek you will find, knock it will be open to you. So then ask what you need from the Heavenly Father, you know He will give it to you if it is in His will. Do not doubt, do not stagger in your faith. Have solid foundations, be firm in your belief. I laid the foundation for you all, build on it. Build with strong belief in Me, with firmness, solid as a rock so that when the tests and trials come your way you will know exactly how to deal with them without any fear or doubt. Remember always you are living in a sinful world, raise above it all, be strong in Me, only I can help you, I am your only help. Be alert and sober, whatever they say take it with a pinch of salt. If a word comes out of an unbeliever’s mouth you know that they have no solid foundations laid by Me. They say things as it pleases them, here and there, changes with the wind. But for a believer Christ is the head, they look up to Me with open arms for a wisdom, guidance, help from above. And the help is given to those – the children of the Most High, they are the children of eternal life. GOD the Father has predestined them, they are selected from the mankind, they are handpicked by the Father. They do His will in everything they do, they are careful to observe all His commandments and the decrees. They have deep fear, reverence to the Father. Because they know that they are the children of the Most High. They are very careful to live a life acceptable to Him, worthy of Christ. Here you go. Now you know where you stand, right next to Me.


The daily prophetic word:

Be alert and be sober. People come in many faces, discern their spirit, discern right from wrong, discern all put in front of you. Pick the ones holy, pick the ones send from above, pick the ones I desire for you. My desire for you is nothing less than the best. Only the best I desire for My people, for My holy ones. If someone is not in their best approaching you I will not allow it, I will not allow them near you. You are My holy, you are My blessed. Stay in My blessings at all times, do not turn left or right, I am in front of you look ahead, look up that’s where I am, in you with you.

Enemy comes in many faces discern the enemy and their schemes, be quick in your thought process, give them the answers I would like to hear coming from you. Be sharp to discern, be quick to close the doors on them, do not let them in whatever they say, whatever they say they will do. Surely you know they can do nothing without my permission. And they won’t be allowed near you, that’s a done deal, my promise to you in this age and ages to come. Holy are who obey Me, holy are who obey My commandments and keep their faith in Me. That’s My promise to My holy ones only.

Be holy for I am holy. I would like all My people to be holy. I would like all My people to shine like the morning star in wherever they are, whatever they do. I would like only the very best for them sent from above, your LORD Jesus Christ.


The daily prophetic word:

I bring My glory onto whoever I want, whoever lives in Me, whoever is with Me will be saved. There is no any other way, there is no any other hope. Your hope is in Me, with Me. You won’t be given any other opportunity, any other choice, if that what you are hoping your good works will save you, forget it, you won’t make it. Only in Me, through Me you will be saved. My life is given to all, whoever drinks from Me, whoever believes in Me, will have an eternal life. Do not dismay, do not ill-treat My people, they live in Me with Me. Surely I tell you, you can do nothing to them, not a thing, My hand is on them. I protect them with My mighty hand, I surround them with My angels. You will have no chance of making into My Kingdom unless you believe in Me. Surrender your lives to Christ, live in Me, with Me.

When the time is near to your departure from this earth, do not fret, I gave you My word I will come and get you. Do not fear where I am you shall be also. You gave your life to Christ, you gained Me. Your life is in Me. Get up then, be strong in Christ, be courageous, do not let the evil forces of this world to undermine you. You have authority over them. Say the word they will disappear. Remember always you are a child of GOD, sealed with the Holy Spirit, in Me with Me forever and ever. Bring My Kingdom over to your loves ones, who never heard of, who never knew Me, you are My voice, you are My vehicle, you are My child here on earth as it is in heaven. Take a deep breath and start your journey in Me.


The daily prophetic word:

The days are brighter than you think. Do not fear, do not doubt, you are child of Christ. I will bring all your heart desires before your eyes. Believe in Me. My glory is upon who put their trust in Me, My glory is upon those who believe in Me. It may look tough right now, going through persecutions never easy for anyone but for a child of Christ the strength you require comes from Me, you have Me in you built as a shield. Wherever you go, whatever you do I am with you. There is not a moment that I leave you. As you build your faith in Me, I am there stronger than ever. This war is not for you to fight on your own, it’s for Me to prevail, for I am with you. Stronger is your faith in Me, stronger you will feel My presence is with you. There is not a moment I leave you on your own.  

So then come forward strong in faith, bring glory upon My name, open your hands receive my blessings destined for you, the works I have prepared for you before you were even born to this earth. I have predestined your works, I have predestined you for My good works in you. I have sealed My instructions in you. Be strong in Me, smile to opposition and say it is a done deal 2000 years ago at the cross. Nothing can change that.


The daily prophetic word:

Salem! I am with you at every step of the way. Do not cry, be strong. You will walk through this valley with Me. You are made strong in Me. Do not feel distress about anything, be in peace, love everyone like My Father love you. You will have a beautiful future with Me, you have never dreamt of, a future that will bring you to Zion, a future that My Father prepared for you, a future that you will smile. Do not shed tears over the affairs of this world. Keep your eyes on above, fix your eyes on Most High Almighty and His will in your life. My Father has a will for each and every one of you, for whoever believes in Me, He opens the doors of His Kingdom. His Kingdom is not of this world. Like a child being born to their mother and father, you are born to Christ, you are born into His Kingdom. Believe in Me, what I say is true, you are made into Christ.

I want all My people to be happy and have fulfilled lives. Be fruitful in everything you do. Be loving and caring to others. Remember you live in Me and live in this world. You are in two as one, you are a spiritual being in natural world. For the natural man, they cannot see what you see or hear what you hear or understand what you understand. Therefore they consider it foolish. Do not blame them for what they don’t know. They will never know till the Holy Spirit comes upon them and transforms them. They live by natural law. I have written in your hearts all that you need to know, child of Christ supersedes all natural beings. You have so much to give, make the most of all your days with careful steps, guided by Me. Wait on Me, move forward with Me.


The daily prophetic word:

I give you opportunities to make a success of it. All opportunities are given from above. I give you all your heart desires if you obey Me. I open the door to My holy ones, I lead the way to My eternal Kingdom. I will not fail, you will not fail because you are with Me. I have lifted you out of your troubles, I have surrounded you with My love. My love is from above not an earthly one, the love My Father has given Me I have given you all. You will know Me day by day, you will grow in Me, you will reach to your eternal destiny. No man can fathom what My Father has prepared for you, no man can provide you what My Father has for you. My Father looks after His holy ones. He guards them with His angels, guides them and leads them to His Kingdom.

Do not fear man schemes, do not fear all that is said and done for I say they will fallen into the pit they have dug for themselves. The righteous will be delivered from all their troubles, unharmed. I sustain you with My right hand, no man can come near you unless I allow and they are not allowed, I will not allow it. They are covered in their guilt like a glue on them, they cannot get rid of them. They will not be allowed till I say so and I have no intention of freeing them for they have forsaken My Holy one. Surely I tell you they will die in their guilt, no help will be given to those who devised evil schemes, who wanted to harm My holy ones. It is written they will not succeed, their end will come fast and unexpectedly. Do not fear therefore I will take you out of all with Me to My Kingdom. My Kingdom belong to My holy ones only!


The daily prophetic word:

Don’t be worried about your life circumstances. I want you to be happy. Dream big, dream of My Kingdom here on earth as it is in heaven. I have given you this lives for you to fulfil your dreams, they are not earthly dreams, they are the dreams of My Kingdom here on earth. They are the dreams I have for you. When the time comes for your departure you will be taken to your dreams, for now it is not seen, later it will be seen by all who died in Me. If you choose the Kingdom of eternal life in Me, truly I tell you, you will be with Me in paradise. That’s the promise I have for you, for all My followers. Die in Me, there is nothing that you cannot achieve with My hand on you, with My glory over you. I will glorify you, I will bring prosperity and happiness to your home. I will guard you, keep you safe with Me , eternally secured in the Kingdom of Paradise.

I love all My children equally. Do not think that I bless one over other, it is written I show no favouritism. The blessings come from the obedience. The more steadfast in your faith, in obedience to the Father, you are blessed more. The more you bring glory to the Father, I bring My glory upon you and your families. Live by faith, by faith in Me you will be saved, by faith you will be lead to Eternal Kingdom. This Kingdom is no ordinary it is GOD’s Kingdom prepared for you, no eyes have seen what the Father has prepared for you. So I say live by Me, with Me, in Me so you will be saved. Believe in Me, what I say is true, it is the only truth.


The daily prophetic word:

The LORD our GOD who created heavens and earth stretched out the Norther Skies over a landscape of beautiful blue sea framed by white clouds. In heaven our LORD sits at the right hand of our Heavenly Father created all, through His Son our LORD Jesus Christ who gifted us with His eternal blessings. Blessings of our Majesty the LORD Almighty fill our lives with His glory upon us.

It all start at the heavenly realms. It will be declared that GOD will take over the world with His Mighty warriors with a command of Archangel. Trumpet will blast to let everyone know this is the end written by the prophets. People will raise up from their grave to join the LORD on this great day. This is the Day of the Lord who can stand it. This is the Day of the LORD we all have been waiting for.

Do not fear habitants of the earth, the end will come like a sudden shock wave. Do not fear that you are caught in the middle of it. LORD will rescue His holy ones. LORD will pull you all out of tour troubles. This is rescue mission planned for you, LORD put in charge His holy ones. He will not allow you to fail because you are with Him here on this earth and in the new earth at the ages to come. Celebrate habitants of the earth, LORD died for you. Celebrate the coming of the LORD on the clouds with His mighty warriors. So then live a life worthy of Christ not a day less but every day, rejoice in the LORD!

Rejoice in Me habitants of the earth. The LORD your God has a plan for you all. When the scrolls are undone, a new life will stretch out before your very eyes where I will dwell among you. You will be My people I will be your GOD for eternity for ever and ever. I will raise My people to join Me on the Day of the LORD. They will rejoice with Me.


The daily prophetic word:

My precious morning star, under the heavens and earth all belong to Me. I surround My holy ones with My angels from every side, they live with My presence in heaven and earth. Do not let go of Me, stay holy, be holy in every way I will take My holy ones with Me, only the ones believe in Me. There is no room for anybody else in My Kingdom, My Kingdom belongs to My holy. When the time comes I will raise up who belongs to Me. Fix your eyes on the cross, do not let go of My teachings.

Blessed are those who come in My name

Blessed are those whose faith in Me

Blessed are those who find Me

Blessed are those My Father leads them to Me

Blessed are those who will reside in Me, in new heavens and new earth

Blessed are those the new citizens of the new earth

Blessed are those who are called in My name

Blessed are those whose life in Me

Blessed are those who live in Me

Forgive those as I forgave you. Do not let the sun go down unless forgive all who sin against you. Forgive.


The daily prophetic word:

I am in control of all. I am with My people in whole. I hold them tight, their future in My hand, their love is with Me. I have created a peaceful earth, I have blessed them with My love. Yet this is where we are, a bright future is waiting My holy ones, a deep sadness who are disobedient. My law will rule the world, My law will go out from Zion to the ends of the earth. My people will come from all over the world to Zion to see Me. They will dwell with Me in My residency. There won’t be any harms any past hurts, they will all be wiped out. Only My residents belong to My Kingdom. Do not treat them with contempt, do not disregard them in vain. You drove My people out in vain, you will feel the pain in your bones and you will not recover from it. Whoever ill-treats My people, whoever touches them with their unclean hands, will be inflicted with pain. Their hearts will be caroused till the end. Their end will come as a sudden shock in their dismay they will run from one to another direction for help. No help will be given who disregarded Me, no help will be given who disobeyed Me, no help will be given those live in denial of Me. Whoever rejected Me will be rejected by My Father.

So I say live in peace in the land My Father has given you. Bring love and joy to the hearts of My people. For I tell you they are My holy, they are My blessed, they are loved by Me and My Father. For I tell you, you do not ill-treat them, My Kingdom belongs to them. Go away from them to your own way, for I tell you your way is a destruction, you live in false hopes, you live in enmity. For I tell you, you won’t make it without Me, I am the hope, I am the resurrection, I am the way. Live in Me, with Me for an eternal life, for I tell you I am your only hope.


The daily prophetic word:

The work is done, it was already done 2000 years ago at Calvary. There is no turning back in time, there is no second chance, you rip what you saw. Those who are disobeyed to Me, their end will come in sudden destruction. Truly I tell you they won’t make it. My Kingdom reserved for My holy. It is written be holy for I AM holy. Who has the ears let them hear. The days are coming to an end, it will all closed down, it will all be sealed for eternity. Those whose names are not written in the book of life will be wiped out from the face of the earth for eternity. For truly I tell you, they won’t make it. My covenant is with My holy ones only. They are born to a new earth, they are born to a new life in Me. I give My holy all their heart desire, I give My holy all they need, they are in Me with Me for eternity.

Whoever ill-treats My people their punishment is reserved for eternity. Nothing will alter the course. Love My holy. Love all. Without love it is impossible to please Me. Only with love you can reach out to My Kingdom. There are so many people who are in need for love because they don’t know the love I have for them. So I say love all. Each and every one of you loved by Me and that won’t change.


The daily prophetic word:

I want you to be very happy. Do not think that I have left you to your own devices. Do not think that My hand is short that cannot reach out to you, to all your needs. Do not think that you have failed. You have done the most admirable thing, you fought a good fight for Me for My Kingdom. To the blind they cannot see, to the deaf they cannot hear, they cannot understand to know My Kingdom. My Kingdom belong to those whose eyes are open, whose ears perceive what they hear. Do not fear, do not get saddened, these are the end days. I will pull you out of all your troubles, I will keep you safe with Me. You are in Me with Me to eternity. You fought a good fight, you have kept the faith in Me. I take over from here. Do not put your trust in man, they will disappoint you. Do not rely on human beings, they are here today gone tomorrow. Keep the faith in Me for ever an ever.

Praise the LORD! Who opens the doors to His Kingdom, Praise the LORD! Who showers us with His blessings, Praise the LORD! Who created the heavens and the earth with His mighty hands for us, Praise the LORD who guides us to the way we should go. Praise the LORD!


The daily prophetic word:

You have got the glimpse of the heavenly realms, you have got the glimpse of Me. Smile My people, rejoice in Me! I gave My life to you all, for you to live eternal life in Me. I come with My blessings to those who seek My Kingdom, who hold fast to Me. Smile My people for I am with you, I will never leave you nor forsake you. Smile My people your time has come, shine your light throughout the world. Smile My people I open the heavenly realms for you. Smile My precious children for I died for you. Your Father in heaven declared this is your time to shine your light throughout the earth. Things are coming to an end, I draw the line here, there is no turning back in time, there is no second chance. Each and every one of you will face the consequences of your actions. It is written you reap what you saw. Your deeds will be exposed to day light, all eyes will see through, there is no escape window, there is no way out. The only way is Me, through Me.

When the time comes, you will all be standing tall in front of My Father who will judge you through Me. Those who are destined for eternal life will be led to Kingdom of GOD. Those who are not, will be thrown into eternal fire. Truly I tell you there is no escape. Only with Me, through Me you will be saved. Stand tall in Christ. Rise up! Your time is here!


The daily prophetic word:

This is the new beginning for you. This is what you’ve dreamt, this is what you have prayed for, this is the Kingdom of GOD. The road ahead is clear, I have cleared the road for you. For you to have a successful life in Christ. It is your obedience and your faith in Me that moves the mountains and with that you have moved tremendous amount of work out of your way. You will reach the clearing soon. This is the clearing I have prepared for you never like before. Never again I will rebuke you, never again you will cry out to Me for My help in helplessness, deep sadness. Never again I will say rebuke My children because they will know what to do in their righteousness. Never again I will darken the sun and the moon to stop giving their light onto the earth. Never again the sun will say to the earth, your time is up no more of my light will be given to you. Never again I will leave My children in helpless situations. You are My holy, you are my precious morning star. Never again I will rebuke you in My anger.

I will vindicate you, I will give you success you require in Christ. Never again the sadness will hit you the way it did. You will live in Me with Me forever and ever. I will give you a place in My Kingdom, a place within Me only for you to access in times of you need and in the life after. Pray to your LORD, the GOD of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Praise the LORD forever and ever!


The daily prophetic word:

The victory is yours, it always has been. When you believe, you are with Me. I go ahead of you anywhere you go. I take hold of your hand with Me, no one can change your destiny. Your future is written in Me, with Me. I uphold you with My righteous right hand, I surround you with My holy angels. No one is greater than their teacher, reach out to Me. When you do I will speak to My Father concerning you, I will command My angels for you. Leave this world and all that behind whoever loves the world their love is not with Me. It is written love the LORD your GOD with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind and with all your strength.

When you put your trust in Me, I will move the mountains for you. I will uphold your case, for those who waging war against you, will be defeated. They will fall face down in their shame and embarrassment for what they have done. Their names will be erased from My book for good because they waged war against Me. Whoever has not accepted you rejected Me, whoever left you behind, turn their back to Me. Therefore there is no future for these people, there won’t be. Their future was with Me. So I say leave the love of this world and all that behind, walk on My path with Me.


The daily prophetic word:

Do not fear for I am with you. Those who are against you are against Me. They don’t know My Kingdom, they yet to know but they don’t want to know. They think they are fully prepared for what’s coming at them. What’s coming at them is Son of GOD, LORD Jesus Christ, starring at them on the face, they cannot see. They are blinded to My truth. They cry out to Me in vain, they live in vain. They are obsessed with their earthly pleasures, what they eat, what they drink, what they wear. Truly I tell you they won’t make it. Kingdom of GOD does not come with observation, you need to live it, you need to live through Me, I through you.

What is it that you are mindful of? What is it that you say one thing you do another? What is it that you don’t want to live through Me? What is it that you lost your soul in it?

There is no turning back, once the doors of the Kingdom closed, they will be closed. Don’t miss the opportunity of the open doors for My Kingdom. I open the doors for you to progress, for you to mature in Christ. Christ died for you. Christ has risen for you. Christ will come again!

So then be prepared, do not turn right or left, stare straight ahead. Ahead of you is Son of GOD, ahead of you is Kingdom of GOD, ahead of you is your future in My hand. No one can snatch you out of My hand, no one can say no to you. You live with Me, you breathe in Me, you take your steps for Me. So then rejoice! Kingdom of GOD is near! Kingdom of GOD has come near to you!


The daily prophetic word:

Rejoice in the LORD! Love the LORD your GOD with all your, with all your, soul, with all your mind and with all your strength! This is the love of GOD beyond anything, beyond your comprehension, far reaching that anything you could possibly experience in this earth, it is beyond this earth, its source is from GOD. GOD so loved the world He gave His one and only Son LORD Jesus Christ as an atonement sacrifice for our sins whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have an eternal life. He is the way, He is the truth, He is the life.

Do not lean to your own understanding but in everything you do obey the LORD and leave the consequences to Him. He will direct your path, He will lead you the way, He will bring desires of heart to your very own eyes. This is the love of GOD for His children. He will never leave you nor forsake you. Christ died for you for you to live. Live a life worthy of Christ! No less. When you obey the LORD so I tell you heavens rejoice with you! When the time of your departure comes, leave all that behind you, do not look back, look forward to the future I have prepared for you. This is the future written for you in the prophets, this is the future hand in hand with My holy One, this is the future Christ is in you. Rejoice heavens and earth your time is here!


The daily prophetic word:

This is a new page in your life, the old has given its way to the new. The new beginning, the new you is emerging out of all your troubles and the heartaches you have gone through. The new is here. This is newness in Me, the newness of life, the eternal life drawn in Me. My Father has prepared for all His children who are reborn in Me. Only through Me and with Me you will be saved. There is no any other way, there is no any other truth, there is no any other life. The life is in Me with Me. The time is closing in, you will all see Me standing in Mount Zion, all heads will bow down to Me and My Father in deep reverence. You will all speak to Me in utterances that no one can understand but Me.

Do not leave this place empty handed, do not waste away what’s been given in you, do not curse each other in anger, do not let the sun go down in your sadness. Be joyful, be happy, Christ has risen and will come and get His holy ones. You are His holy, you are His child, you are His precious stone. Open your hands to receive My blessings, open your eyes to perceive what’s been drawn to you, open your ears to hear Me. I speak to all of you, I guide all of you if only you listen to Me. I came to this earth to achieve what My Father has planned for Me, I came for you for each and every one of you. I died for your sins on the cross, I open the way for you to receive the eternal life in Me. Only with Me you will make it, there is no other way and won’t be any other way. Hear what I say, perceive My thoughts, understand My ways, get to know Me. Only with Me you will make it. This is your LORD Jesus.


The daily prophetic word:

Do not worry yourselves for the things that you have no control over. All is in My control. All is under the control of Heavenly Father who gave you the lives to live in it. Live to your best you know how, live up to My truth in you. Do not think that I have left you alone, do not think that you don’t know what to do. You are part of Me, you live in Me, the Spirit in you testifies about Me. You will not depart this earth till I accomplish all in you. You will not fail for I am in you. Do not give way to devil, do not give a foothold for he lurks around you. Walk away from the evil doers, walk away from the sinners. You came to this earth for Me to live by Me. Walk away from the people say one thing do another, walk away from the liars, walk away from the sexually immoral. The matter is not to be confused, you live by My truth.

Only by the Truth you will be saved. The Truth in you will save you. For I tell you there is no any other way. I draw the line here. No one can cross over without My permission. I do not allow people who mistreats My people. I do not allow clean to be mixed with unclean, holy with unholy. I do not allow people mistreating you. They won’t be allowed. Therefore have no fear, it is Mine to avenge. It is Mine to repair the broken relationships, it is Mine to reconcile husband and wives, it is Mine to heal the broken-hearted, it is Mine to show you the way. When you know how you will make it happen through Me. Only with Me, through Me you shall live.


The daily prophetic word:

Fear not, fear not, fear not. Those against you set themselves up against Me. I fight for you, for My holy. Do not despise people who cannot see My Kingdom. It is written GOD gives them the understanding and they have no understanding and they won’t have till they bring themselves forward unto repentance to Me. Repent for your sins, repent for all your doings. Kingdom of God is near, Kingdom of GOD is within you. When you do repent, My holy angles will be upon you, they will bring joy to your heart. Holy GOD is within you, do not despair come close to Me. Cry to Me, seek forgiveness from Me. I forgive those whose hearts are committed to Me. Live holy, be holy in My sight for I am holy.

I, GOD Jehovah, the first witness to all, I GOD Jehovah the creator of all. Live by Me, live with Me, within Me. Do not despise what I say, do not turn away from Me. What would you do? Where would you be without Me? I sustain all things, I sustain your life. What is it to despair for? What is it to cry for? While you should be rejoicing the fact that your LORD died for your sins. Live your lives with joy, in peace and contentment. Be holy for I am holy.


The daily prophetic word:

Prophesies are given to you for you to live by. Be hold My hand is not short that cannot save. All the days of your life are written in My book, it won’t change. When you come to this blue earth, you have one thing in common the spirit in you testifies about Me. So then what is that you are mindful of man? What is it that you say one thing but do other? Where will all these end? How far it will go on? Who can save you from the depths that you are stuck in? Very truly I tell you, these lives you live in will come to an end, there is only one Way, the way to cross, for those who are saved, saved by Me.

Do not get taken in by people who give you false hopes and promises, who live in sin, who do not know their right from their left, who does not testify about Me. Those who live in sinful lives, will face death. It is written wages of sin is death. Those who believe in Me, will live through Me. Whoever comes to Me, will be saved through Me. This is the basis that set in stone, this is the basis that you need to grasp, this is the basis that fix your minds into, this is the basis to all. The Truth is in Me, with Me, I am the Truth, I am the way, I am the life. Live your life in Me.


The daily prophetic word:

Devote yourselves to Me, to My truth, live a holy and godly life. Is there anyone that can help you in times of your need? Is there anyone can reach out to you in peace? Is there anyone that can you give you My peace and bring My glory onto your lives? Your peace and blessings comes from Me. I bring My peace and glory upon you when you obey. I open the heavens above your head and shower you with My blessings, I command My angels for you when you put your trust in Me. Trust Me, put your faith in Me. I will help you when all seem impossible, with man it is not possible, what seem impossible today is only possible with Me. I am the truth, I am the way, I am the life, believe in Me.

My hand touches onto you and will stay on you. I will not allow My holy to fail, I will vindicate My righteous. Do not fear whatever comes your way with prayer and supplication you will achieve whatever you ask for. Do not think that you will fail, it is not possible for a child of God to fail. Be pure, present yourselves to me pure with a clean heart. Those whose hearts are deceitful won’t make into My Kingdom.

Remember always it is Christ who you are serving to. Whoever I put on your way look at them and talk to them the way you would talk to Me. The look in your eyes comes from Me because Christ is in you. I live in you with you forever.