The daily prophetic word:

It is a new dawn, it is a new beginning for you. All the past hurts are gone. I am making all new from today. You will feel the refreshment to your bones, you will feel Me, My will in your life. I do it for you, as I died for you, I do it for you as My love is for you, I do it for you as My child I am in you. I do it all new for you. I will bring all newness and freshness with you, within you. You worry nothing My child, you fear nothing, I have not abandon you, I have not left you to your own devices. The enemy is facing Me within you, the enemy will fall at My command, the enemy is running away in fear. Go through the doors of newness with Me, in confidence and in boldness. Speak My name without fear of what the people may think. They may think whatever they want, I the GOD in control of all things, in control of all situations, I the one will bring you up to the newness of your life, I the one will lead the way.

The old desires are past away, the old days are gone, no more hurts no more pains. I, the one put a stop to it. Do not fear, walk in confidence, remember always you are representing Me, remember always I speak through you. Your life is in Me, I live through you. Remember always the earth is mine and everything in it, all human beings. All bow down at My name in reverence, all rise up with My name in thankfulness for the life I have given them in Me. This is a deep reverence, this is a deep appreciation. I gave My life at the cross, live through Me.


The daily prophetic word:

Fear nothing My beloved. In the witnesses of two or three every matter is established and yours already has. The doors are opened for you, My hands are on you. You walk at My pace, walk at My speed, do not hurry off, do not turn right or left. Turn around, look at Me on the cross, bleeding. I am guiding you, I am leading your steps, wherever you go I go, I listen to you, I listen to everything you say. Remember always I died for you, remember always these lives are lived a short while, it is the eternal life at stake. I live through you, I talk through you. Fear nothing for I am with you.

You have worried long years, wise up and rise up! Wise up the fire will come down from heaven will destroy many parts of the earth, the stones will rain from sky will hit those did not believe in My name. Rise up the hour has come, rise up stand up before the judgement seat. I will judge all as My Father commands Me, all will be judged. Wise up accept I am the very reason that you are born to this earth, rise up the judgement seat is here. All your deeds will be judged, all your steps, all your words. Do no wrong to anyone, do not oppress My people, do not treat them in contempt like they are some sort of criminals because they believe in Me because they do what I ask them to do. Rise up your time is here. Put your trust in Me, wise up live in Me. I am the one you need, I am the one will lift you up, I am the one will lead you the way to eternal life in Me.


The daily prophetic word:

Turbulences and trials are coming to end, the troubled waters are to stop. I will lift you up with Me, by My right hand you will be lifted. You will be given a new life, newness in Me. The times that people disregarded you, the times that you were driven away from what you know have now come to an end. This valley has been walked, this valley has been crossed once, this valley of experience came to an end, no more I will allow anyone near you to treat My people with contempt, no more they will be in pain, no more they will cry, because this valley has been lived once.

Surpassing power of the wind fills the earth, surpassing power of Christ hits the earth, where are those who hurt My people, where are those who stood against Me, where are those who persecuted Me, where are those who laughed at Me, they are not anywhere to be seen, they won’t be seen. This is your Christ who brought you out of Egypt, this is your Christ who brought you out of desolate to a land, to a newness in life. This is the same Christ who will bring you to eternal life, to newness in Me.


The daily prophetic word:

Joshua conquered Jericho you have conquered today. Joshua obeyed My commands you have obeyed Me. Do not despise your lives, do not be afraid, be strong and brave, be bold in Me. It’s the blood of Christ shed for you, it is the blood of Most High washed you through. I have taken you with Me from the depths you were in, brought you up with Me to Zion. You are My righteous, you are My holy. Smile, you are lifted with Me, smile Zion is waiting for you, the doors of My temple open for you. No more tears, no more sadness, no more loneliness. This is Zion, this is My home, My righteous with Me.

Like the light shines in darkness, My light shines in you, no one can overcome it. Your power is hidden in Me, your light will shine with Me. I will take you with Me, you will stand with Me on the Mount, you will fight with Me, you will win the battle with Me, you will reign with Me. You are My king, have mercy on those who don’t know Me, have mercy on those who run away from Me, have mercy on those who hurts you. They are hurt more, they will be hurt more. Do not judge anyone as you will all be judged by Me.



The daily prophetic word:

My people are in their place, in their positions where I would like them to be. They are ready for the battle. The battle of righteous, the battle of faithful, the battle of love. Love prevails always. Wherever you are, whatever you do, do it with love, be faithful to the One who died for you, be faithful to your LORD Jesus Christ. I will lead you on this battle, I will guide you every step of the way, I will guard you with My holy angels, I will cast My eyes on you. You are My holy one, you are My righteous one, you are my beloved one.

Everyone in their positions, the battle is about to start, I will lead this battle, I will lead My holy ones, it is a battle of righteousness, the righteous will prevail. The enemy will fall to the ground in agony and pain. There is nothing that I cannot do, there is nothing that I will not do for My righteous. You My beloved, you have nothing to fear, you are ready, I have prepared you for this day. This is the day of the LORD, this is the day the enemy will be made footstool, this is the day I will lead My people out of their darkness to My light. This is the day will mark the history.


The daily prophetic word:

My holy people are beyond this world. My people belong to a world they do not know but they hope for in Me. Their citizenship is with Me. They go wherever I go they are with Me. The earth and everything in it will diminish by My power it will all be rolled out. I will set out a new earth and heaven for My holy ones, for My righteous. Their suffering will come to an end, an end that will come with sudden shock waves across the globe. People will tremble with fear, they will look at each other for help to understand. Times for ignorance is over, times for accusations and persecutions over, times for cruelty ends here. This is your LORD Christ calling your name. Pick up your cross, take on My yoke, walk on My holy mountain.

The desolation for destruction is near, desolation for the end is here, wake up My sleepy ones, wake up My holy ones, Christ calling your name. My word is your power, My word is your safe guard, My word is your shield. This world is to pass, this world is coming to an end. The eternal life is in Me, take a leap in faith towards Me, hope for the things that you do not see, hope for a better future with Me.


The daily prophetic word:

My spirit is with you, within you. Live by the spirit, talk by the spirit. My spirit within you will guide you to the truth, My spirit within you will lead the way. Do not judge anyone, its mine to judge. Do as I say, live a life obedient to Me, live a life of holy. The knowledge, the power, the wisdom are within you. By My spirit you are lead, by My spirit you live by, by My spirit you will find the truth. By My spirit I will lift you up with My right hand, by My spirit I will lead the way. By My spirit the nations across the globe will come to obedience, by My spirit you live by on this earth, by My spirit you are given a new life in Me. By My spirit you are being led into your new life, newness in Me.

You will guide these people, you will lead them to Christ, you will speak them the truth, My truth in you. The doors will be open for you, My Kingdom is for you. Do not fear, the authority is within you. Command the angels in My name, command to those whoever stands on your way. I will usher My angels for you what you declare with your mouth will be done here on earth as it is in heaven.


The daily prophetic word:

My life is for you, I have given it for you. I died for you, for your sins. So then repent! Repent for your sins. Come clean to Christ. See what I see with My eyes, live with My being. The work has been done at Calvary was for you. For you to live a life eternal in Me, for you to come to Christ and repent for your sins, for you to acknowledge there is one GOD who created all, sent His Son to save you all. Whoever believes in Me shall not perish but have an eternal life in Me with Me. I will take My holy ones with Me, I will rise them up, they will stand tall on My holy mountain, looking over to the city. Blessed are those who are with Me, blessed are those who stand tall against the enemy, blessed are those who will defeat the enemy, blessed are those call My name in their need, blessed are those who speaks My truth, blessed are those live with Me.

Do my prophets no harm, do not treat them in contempt. The times will pass they will be proven to be right, they are righteous in My eyes. They do as I say, they move as I say, they lead the way to show you the way out of your troubles. They came this earth for one reason for Me. They came to serve Me, they have no human masters but Me. You cannot chain them with your schemes, into your darkness, they live in My light, they live for Me. I lead them the way, I guide their steps, I spoke their ears day and night, I put in their thoughts what they know, they are My holy. Be holy, be with them hand in hand, shoulder to shoulder, listen to them, they will lead you out of your darkness into My light with Me.


The daily prophetic word:

Time is near, the time is here, repent for your sins. I write the time, I am the time, I am the maker of time. The time is here, make a leap for Me, strive forward to accomplish all that I have set out for you. Pray to Me, seek Me, ask Me for My guidance, for My presence in your life. So I say you are only here a little while, fix your eyes on Me, what at stake is your eternal life in Me. Why would you waste your time with earthly pleasures that can gain you nothing? It is the treasures in heaven that you ought to seek, it is My righteousness, holiness that you ought to gain. So I say hear My words, spread the news your King is here to save you, to take you with Me to life eternal. So I say these days will pass, will be remembered no more, but eternal life in Me will never pass away.

Do as I say, live as I command, why would you waste your life away while you can live in Me? It is I who gave you the life, it is I who breathed in you, it is I calling your name. Come to Christ, make it happen. All the things that you dream of even more will be given to you when you obey Me. So I say obey My will in your life, obey My word. Live a life worthy of Christ away from sexual immorality, drunkenness, the vile, lairs. Be pure with Me, be clean in Me. It’s your LORD Christ calling your name to the cross.


The daily prophetic word:

Fear not, be strong in your faith, times of hesitation, uncertainty ends here. Strive forward in full confidence for I am with you. The enemy is bitten, they cannot escape. I have given them to your hands. They will not see a day light, their days will be darkened, their nights will be a nightmare because they know I am onto them, because they know they will face Me. The ground they are standing on will be shaken, the whole earth will be shaken like a sieve. This is the elimination of the people. I will eliminate the bad from good. Stand strong in your faith. There is nothing that I cannot do, there is nothing that I will not do for My holy ones.

From here on I will lift you up, I will make you stand in the crowed and speak. Speak My name, speak of My deeds, speak of My Kingdom. From here on you have no fear in your heart for you died in Me, from here on you live in Me, from here on you will shine like a morning star with Me. This is the confidence I have in you, do not hesitate, do not hold back, speak My truth. Christ died for you all for each one of you, come to My Kingdom with Me, hand in hand, shoulder to shoulder with My holy ones.


The daily prophetic word:

Your path has been chosen, your way has been opened, walk on My light, do not deter, this is your destiny written in Me. My light shine on you, My hand is on you, My hand is with you. I lead the way, I guide your feet, I open the doors for you to walk in, I speak through you. Who can stand against Me, who can do you any harm. No one will be able to stand against you all the days of your life for I am with you. My glory upon those who do as I say, My glory upon those My holy people, My glory open those My righteous. I will move you to a better place, I will surround you with My golden light, your favour is in Me.

Smile for I am with you, smile for I died for you, smile this is your time. Shine through Me, arise with Me. Arise for I have created you for this day, arise for I have given My life for you, arise your time has come. I will shine on you so bright, your light will be seen from the far ends of the earth. People will look up to you to see Me in you. Arise this is your time. Your time has come, shine through Me.


The daily prophetic word:

For the ones who reject me I will reject them in front of My Father, they will be thrown into the sulphur. For the ones who have not accepted Me, they will not be accepted by Me to My Kingdom. My Kingdom belong to those who died for Me, My Kingdom belong to those who obey Me, My Kingdom belong to those who live with every word come out of Me. You My son live by Me. So I say those who rejected Me, will not see a day with Me. They live in the dark, in the depths of the dark. For those who live by Me the crown of righteousness will be given in front of My Father, for those who died for Me will be given life in Me, the eternal life. The eternal life belong to those who live with me, who live in Me.

When the doors open to My Kingdom run as fast as you could to earn the crown of righteousness. When the doors are open to receive you, accept My invitation for the banquette. This is the wedding banquette, never seen, never will be seen again. This is the wedding banquette I’ve prepared for My holy ones. Moment by moment, day by day with My Spirit you live, moment by moment, day by day you will be lead to eternal life in Me. So I say live by Me.


The daily prophetic word:

There is nothing that I wouldn’t do for My holy people, there is nothing that I will not bring forth for My righteous. Your lives are precious to Me, your lives are in My hands, your lives are with Me. In Me, with Me, for Me you step onto this earth, in Me, with Me, for Me you will reign in My Kingdom. Open My word, read, it’s all written for you, those whose names are written in the Book of Lamb predestined to do all the good works My Father set out for them. You are predestined for My Kingdom, you are predestined to live eternal life with Me. Have confidence in Me, rejoice with Me, I will do what I say, it won’t be delayed. What seems like lost will be brought forward to you, what seems like irrecoverable already in your hands given to you. Have confidence in Me, the work has already been done with My blood at Calvary no one can change the history.

Step out in faith, bring forward what you have been given, bring out what’s hidden, step up, raise up, shine your light, it’s your time to shine, it’s your time to come forward in My glory.


The daily prophetic word:

To My faithful servant, to My precious people on earth, as much as it may look tough from outside, nothing is too difficult for Me when you walk on hand in hand with Me, all the difficulties you are facing will dissolve in your very eyes. All the people will bow down to help when they see your faith in Me. You My faithful servant you have nothing to worry about for I am with you, you My faithful servant you have been given life in Me, you My faithful servant I will lift you up on My coming. All that who serves Me, serves for the Kingdom will be resurrected at My coming. All that who hold fast in Me, all that who put their belief in Me will be raised on My return. Who believe in Me, who put their trust in Me will be saved from the wicked people’s schemes. This is the promise I have for you, this is the promise I have given you, you have a life in Me, all who believe in Me will be saved.

So I say work for the Master in heaven, work for riches of heaven, serve the LORD with all your heart and soul and mind. It is the Father who created you, it is the Father who breathed in you, it is the Father you die for, it is the Father you live for. It is the Father you serve for not a human master. Your treasures are in Me, your rewards are with Me, I am coming to judge the world, I am coming to reward My people, I am coming for the eternal life to take you all with Me. So I say believe in Me.


The daily prophetic word:

I live in you, through you, for you for you died for Me. I live in you, through you for you gave your life to Me on the cross. My will is done, for each and one of you for who died on the cross with Me. Be strong in your faith, do not hesitate, speak the truth in Me, the crown of righteousness will be rewarded for all those stand firm in their faith till the end. When the end comes do not fear for you are with Me. I will take you with Me, I will raise you with Me, you will reign with Me, you will celebrate with Me at the wedding banquette. My promises for you is yes and amen. Do not fear for I am with you. I will never leave nor forsake you. My right hand sustains you, holds you in your position till the end.

Be strong in your faith, what mere humans can do to you for I am with you. My glory is upon those who obey Me, My glory is upon those who is with Me. Peace of the LORD be with you. Take My peace to those all with you, surround them with your light in Me. Speak of My word, speak of your faith in Me with Me you have died. Speak to those who wants to hear from you for Me. Go in peace and filled the world with your righteousness in Me, with Me, through Me.


The daily prophetic word:

Fear not. The new Jerusalem will come down from heaven above us GOD will set His thrown onto new Jerusalem. We all His children will dwell with Him in this very city. GOD will say to the LORD sit on the throne on My right. Take My people into their blessings I’ve prepared for them. These are the blessings GOD the Father prepared for His children, these are the blessings prophets talked about, these are the blessings of the new earth and new heaven. This is a life eternal, this is a life with Me forever, this is a life in the heavenly realms prepared for you. My people predestined to inherit all, My people to walk through the city of David with Me. Heavenly Father has prepared for us with His own mighty hands, Heavenly Father prepared for us from the foundations of the earth to this very day. Rejoice heavens this very day is very near, rejoice with Me, I will take you with Me to this very city.

Love all, even those who hate you, even those who curses your name. You have nothing to fear in Me and with Me you will lead these people to their own destiny. Rejoice in Me for you are with Me!


The daily prophetic word:

You serve the LORD, you are the servant of the LORD. Christ called your name to be His disciple. Live your life to full, live a heavenly life on earth with Me. Your life is in Me, your work is with Me. Do not fear. I provide all the riches of the heaven for My people, I provide for you all. Your work is in Me, your work is with Me. I have equipped you for the good works in Christ, I have equipped you to help My people, so you will. This ship has sailed, this ship is on its route, on its way to Christ. You have a work in Christ.

Pray for those who don’t see the glory of Christ, pray for those are carefree in life, pray for those who cannot see, blinded to My truth, pray for those who cannot perceive My truth, pray for those who will not make it. It is not the good works will get you to heaven it is your faith in Christ. Without a faith in Me it is not possible to be saved. Put your faith in Me, rest in Me, live in Me. So I say you won’t make it unless you believe in Me. Believe I came to die for you, believe the eternal life is in Me with Me, believe this lives are to pass, believe you have a life in Me, you will live with Me.


The daily prophetic word:

Love, love all, love is first. Love the LORD your GOD with all your heart, soul and mind and love everyone. There is nothing you cannot achieve by love, love keeps it fresh, love springs upon from heart, love brings it all together, love opens the closed doors, love is genuine. Love is in the hearts of My people, love is in the hearts, soul and minds of My remnants. They live for the love of GOD, they do not fear because love of GOD is sealed in their hearts. This is the same love My Father has for you. This is the same love I came to die for you, this is the same love sprung up from Genesis till end. The end will come, do not live your lives like there is no end. Think forward, think beyond what you can see with your eyes, think of the future that awaits for you in eternal life in Me with Me you shall live.

My Father gave Me all His, I shall take them all with Me. This is the eternal life you have been dreaming of, this is the eternal life you live for, this is the eternal will never end in Me with Me. I will rise you up, I will show you the way, this is the Kingdom the Father created for you, awaits you. Come to My Kingdom, hold My hand so you will not perish, give your lives to Christ so you shall live in Me and with Me forever and ever.


The daily prophetic word:

Your time has arrived, this is the day forward, this is the day walk through the hardship and difficulties in faith with Me. My hand is sustaining you. In My hand I have the keys of house of David, in My hand I have your future sealed in Me, in My hand I hold you tight with Me. Do not fear man. Do not fear their schemes of troubles. The troubles they are trying to cause on you will back fire. The fire will consume them all. You will be triumph over your enemies because I am with you, because you are the child of GOD the Most High Almighty.

Be confident, be bold, you are with Me. I will guide you every step of the way, I will lead you the way, I will clear the way for you. When the time comes, you will give your testimony in Me. You will stand up to the crowd and speak of Me. Speak My truth, you will lead these people to inherent the Kingdom My Father has prepared for you. The Kingdom is in Me and with Me, there is no any other way, there never was and there never will be. I am the way, the truth and the life. So I say live with Me.


The daily prophetic word:

Cast all your anxieties on Me. You are going to go higher, I will take you, guide you into the place where it will all be dealt with. Do not fear, I have not created My people to have fear in them. The fear belongs to the enemy. Be triumph, rejoice in Me. The enemy comes in many faces, be alert and sober. Do not turn to right or left from My word, from my commands. Look straight ahead, fix your eyes on the cross, on Me. Do not be taken in by the enemy, they will try and try and try, that’s what they do. The enemy and all that belongs to him will be cast into the lake of fire for eternity. You are in Me, you are with Me. Stare the enemy in the eyes fearlessly with a command from Me to disappear into the sulphur.

I will take My people with Me, I will lead them into their inheritance. Do not fear, stand strong, be courageous, stand firm till the end. The end will come to all those who are disobedient, to all those shed innocent blood, to all those divulged themselves into earthly gains and pleasures will disappear. This is the promise I have for My people, you will inherent the Kingdom prepared for you. You will rejoice with Me, you will be triumph in Me. Stand firm till the end for I am with you. This battle has already been won, the enemy has already been struck down, they have nowhere to escape. So than rejoice in Me!


The daily prophetic word:

You are going higher and higher in the presence of the LORD Almighty. For I am with you who can be against you. I will put a stop on enemy advances, they will not know what hit them, they will not know where they are because they will feel lost in all. I will lift you up with My right hand to the high. Do not fear for I am with you. All that seen unseen created by the Father for us. No one can touch you, no one can harm you, I clothe you with silver lining, I open the doors for you for My Kingdom. My Kingdom belongs to those who does My Father will, My Kingdom belongs to those who do not oppress My People for nothing, My Kingdom belong those who step out in faith, put their trust in Me. So I say live a life worthy of Christ, worthy of My Kingdom so that when the time comes you have nothing to be ashamed for because you lived a life of worthy of Me.

Go steady, be strong in the LORD, be firm in your faith. Today is the day you step out in faith in Me, today is the day you put a stop to enemy, today is the day it will all be written in the history because you did it for Me for the glory of the Father who created you. Be fearless, be strong. It will all come to stop when it does you will have nothing to be ashamed for because you live for Me. So I say live in Me with Me, I guide you, I uphold you with My righteous hand, I surround you with My protection.


The daily prophetic word:

You have done it! It’s already done at Calvary on the cross two thousand years ago! I have given My life to you all. Do not fear for I am with you. Cast all your anxieties on Me. Be bold, be courageous. I will lift you up with My righteous right hand. The time is near. With prayers and petition there is nothing you cannot achieve. Come to Me with clean heart, sought Me with open heart, ask Me with love. I will say to those who does the will of My Father well done My servant you have done it. Here is My Kingdom prepared for you. These days are coming to an end. There is a future waiting for you in My Kingdom a future that no one can take it away from you. Your future is with Me in Me. Do not fear the enemy. You have the Christ in you, for I am with you always. You died in Me for Me, so you shall live eternal life with Me. Live a life of courageous, whatever you face today do not fear, look at the enemy in the eye and say it’s already done! There is nothing you could do! You have nowhere to escape because My LORD is onto you. Just smile at them.

See the Christ in all. Love is the key always. When you live a life in Christ you love all, no matter what they do, no matter what they say. Because you have the love of Father in you. You are born with it, you live with by it, you love all. You have a heart of precious stones, more valuable than all. So then rejoice with Me, the work is already done!


The daily prophetic word:

Do not fear! Do not fear! Do not fear! It is a done deal! It’s already done! There is nothing that you cannot face for I am with you, they face Me for I am in you. I am your shield, I am the breast plate you wear, I am the belt that you put on, I am the readiness on your feet that springs up and forward. I control all, nothing can even move an inch unless I say so, I have the full control in all things. The full power, the immensity, the radiance, the glory in My hands. Believe, believe that I make all things, believe that I have died for you, believe that I came to this earth 2000 years ago for you. For you have died for Me, it is a done deal. You live in Me with Me. Do not fear. Live your life full with boldness and courage. You are a child of GOD, My hand is on you, I will never leave you nor forsake you. Your life is in Me. I face what you face, I see what you see, I hear what you hear, I feel what you feel for I am with you.

So then stand up strong, be firm, get up and face the opposition, look at them in the eye and defeat the enemy in their own game. This is the game they play in My people’s lives. Truly I tell you they will all be defeated in their own game, they will fall into the pit they dug for themselves. No help will be given to those who are disobedient, rebellious and liars. Remember always it is a done deal 2000 years ago on the cross! My blood shed for you, My body given to you. This is the life you have in Me the eternal life. In Me, with Me for Me you live.


The daily prophetic word:

I will bring My glory upon My people, no one can snatch them out of My hand. They are My holy ones, they are My blessed ones. They will inherit My Kingdom, prepared for them. Do not dismay them, do not trick them into your schemes, they are My redeemed ones. Whoever causes them grief will be given grief ten times more, whoever breaks the law against them, will be confined by the law, whoever brings accusations against them, they will be accused themselves. They are My holy, they are My redeemed how can you not be scared of bringing any false accusations against them while they are with Me? How can you not fear while it’s Me you are facing against?

They are the children of Most High Almighty, they live for Me, they died for Me, they serve Me. I am with them at every step, I am with them at every breath. I will take them with Me to Zion to My holy mountain. Be peaceful, live in peace with My people, do not oppress them, do not give them hard time. Be with them hand in hand, join with them, allow them to show you the way. They are My glory upon on earth, they lost their life for Me, gained The Kingdom in Me, through Me. So I say live with them.  




The daily prophetic word:

I am the bread of life, I am the Alpha and Omega whoever comes to Me, eats from Me shall live, will live eternal life. Do not lean onto your own understanding, submit your lives to Me. These days will pass quickly, you will see the end of your lives ahead of you. Ahead of you crown of righteousness, ahead of you lay the eternal life, ahead of you Son of Man sitting on the throne for all who believes. Take My hand, take on My yoke, do not fear what the days might bring, do not fear the unknown, do not fear what is hidden from sight, all in My control, all in My hand. I control all things, I made all things and I will make your future as bright as the morning star.

I am the light of the world, My children are My lights in the world. They obey everything I say, they are born to inherit the crown of life. Do not supress them, do not touch them with unclean hands. Repent for all your sins, come clean to Christ. Never again I will allow my righteous to suffer, never again I will allow days to be darkened, never again I will allow death to consume My people. This is the eternal life on offer only in Me, through Me with Me you shall live.


The daily prophetic word:

You are My glory, you are My honour, you are My righteous. My righteous live by faith. By faith in Me you will be saved, by faith you will inherit eternal life, by faith the crown of righteous will be awarded to those who long for Me, by faith you will be led to My Kingdom. Your lives are in Me, your lives are with Me. I will take My holy ones with Me. I will rescue them from the hands of the enemy. This is the river of Jordan that you need to cross to inherit the Promised Land. This is the crown of righteous I have promised to My faithful followers. So I say live by faith in Me, put your trust in Me.

There is no one, nothing can rescue you from the hands of the enemy but Me. Those who oppose you today, will be kissing your feet tomorrow. Those who oppose to Me today, will be crying out to Me for mercy. Just smile to these people who are blinded to My truth, help them to see My truth, lead them onto My path, be compassionate to them, be loving and caring to their spiritual needs. They are at the beginning of their journey, you are not. You are in Me, with Me, they are not. They are exposed to all the pressures, you are not. You are sealed with the Holy Spirit. So I say love your enemy. That is a sign of grace, shows your faith in Me.


The daily prophetic word:

I want My people to be fruitful and live full days of your life in fullness of My blessings and glory. When death comes upon your doors there is no turning back in time. There is no any other opportunity, a second chance you would like it to be. You live your lives once, you are destined to die once, after that judgement. So I say live your lives in fullness of My blessings, in obedience to Me. So that when the death knocks on your door, you will have no shame, no regrets because you lived by faith in Me. No any other man, nothing can save you from the hands of the death only Son of Man, only Son of GOD, only My Son LORD Jesus Christ. Shout from the roof tops, let everyone know LORD came to save you all from the hands of the enemy. Only the ones, whoever believes in Him will be saved, will inherent the eternal life, no one else, nobody else. That is the truth.

He holds the keys in His hand to eternal life, to GOD’s Kingdom. He is the LORD of lords, KING of kings LORD Jesus Christ! He came to proclaim the gift of eternal life to My people, whoever believes in Him will live. So I say live by Him, live with Him, live in Him forever and ever. This is the testimony of LORD Jesus Christ.