The daily prophetic word:

Dedicate your lives to Me, all comes from Me returns back to Me. Do not hesitate, you are born to live in Christ, be in Christ. The end days are numbered, it will all come to an end, the earth and everything in it be rolled out like a carpet, the new will start in its place. This is the eternal life written about by the prophets, this is the promise of the Father to all who are in Christ.

Do not fear, do not hesitate whether you could do it or not. The Father who gave you life will give you the strength you require in Me. By faith you step into My holy path, by faith you believe in Me, by faith miracles do happen. I will guide you the way you should go, I will cast My eye on you. You will not fail. My hand is not short that cannot save. It is Father’s will that you are saved. Don’t turn away from Me. My promises are to you yes and amen. I will accomplish all My Father set out for you, have faith in Me.

Treat My people with respect and honour they deserve. Do not ill treat them. They serve Me, they do what I ask from them, they live for Me. Join them, sing the song they sing for Me.


The daily prophetic word:

People who are lover of themselves, lovers of money, lovers of material possessions, don’t know the love My Father has for them. My Father so loved the world He gave His one and only Son whoever believes in Me shall not perish but have an eternal life. When you disobey the GOD, you are not only disobeying the Most High Almighty, His will and His blessings in your life, you are also turning back on the Truth, turning away from eternal life. You could achieve so much in Christ, be one with Me. There is nothing that you cannot fulfil, there is nothing that you cannot accomplish with Me and in Me. I make it happen for you, I walk on the path you walk, walk with Me in faith. I will never leave you nor forsake you, put your faith in Me.

I urge you brothers and sisters live your lives in Christ, so when the time comes you have nothing to be ashamed of. When you stand in front of the Holy GOD on the judgement day, make sure you have done all you could in your power for Christ and lived your lives for Christ. Stand firm in your faith, the power and strength you require comes from Christ. Remember always GOD the Father who give lives, take lives. Only His holy ones will be left standing, the rest will perish in eternal fire. Live holy lives, be holy for I am holy.


The daily prophetic word:

I have glorified you, you are My remnant on this earth. A few that find the narrow gate, you are one of them. My glory is upon you, I stretch My arms over your life for you to grow in Christ. Christ is in you. Christ is with you. Is there anything I cannot do for My people, is there anything you have asked but not received from Me? I gave My life over to you for you to live. Now you live in Me.

Do not hesitate to prove your faith to Me. Do not hold back. Be strong in your faith. When the time comes for your departure, be among those who has strong faith in Me. Their faith is proven to be finer than of those gold. By faith they set out on their day, by faith they approach My council, by faith they close their eyes at night. By faith they live. Each and every day of their life is counted, I count you among those, I count you in for you to live by Me. Stand by Me, make a stand to whole wide world for Me. Do not hesitate, don’t lose My blessings for you. I blessed you to My Father, I presented you to Him as My follower. Follow Me.

No matter what you’re facing today remember always, I am the one they have rejected. The stone they have rejected became the corner stone. Those who rejecting you today, have rejected Me first. You are that corner stone they have rejected in their life. Truly I tell you they won’t make it without Me.


The daily prophetic word:

Fear not I gave your enemies into your hands. They have nowhere to escape. They are looking to one another thinking what to do. They run out of ways because they know I AM onto them. Each and every one of them will face the justice system here on earth as it is in heaven. Fear not My hand is on to them, I am against them for they did not obey Me and My commandments, for what they did to My holy. In the presence of two or three witnesses all established. I AM is your first witness and Myself next. My Spirit in you testifies for you, your spirit testifies for Me. I died for you, you have died for Me. Do not fear that I have left you on your own at the hands of the enemy. Truly I tell you their end is here.

I will darken the sun on them, I will pull all from under their feet, the grounds they are standing will give away into the big hole they have dug for themselves. The wicked will perish, the evil doers will be thrown into the eternal fire. Stand firm in your faith, the grounds you are standing is holy, for I AM holy. I look after My own. You are My own. Whoever touches you, touches Me for I AM in you. Now then get up and be strong in your faith, you are a child of GOD, do not wither, do not dismay, do not think that you are on your own for truly I tell you I live in you, you live in Me for the life ever after.


The daily prophetic word:

Love your neighbour like you love yourself. Without love nothing is possible, with love all possible. With love I open the doors of My kingdom for you, with love I brought happiness in your life. When you love Me, I love you more. When you come close to Me, I will come close to you. Love the Father with all your heart, soul and mind. He so loves you much that He gave His one and only Son to you for your sins. You are atoned for your sins. Put your faith Me, fight a good fight. Do not hesitate, do not hold back, earn the rewards I have given you.

People will come in many faces, discern. Learn to discern. Keep yourself pure and holy for I am holy. Run away from the evil doers, purge the evil doers among you. I do not allow them into My Kingdom. My Kingdom is for pure and holy. Know that your lives are in Me and with Me. Whoever comes to me shall live. There is no any other way, there is no any other possibility. Your lives are in Me and with Me. That is set in stone. Do not fear that you may not make it, with Me anything is possible. Come close to me, I will come close to you.


The daily prophetic word:

Celebrate for the love I have for you, celebrate for the gift that has been given to you, celebrate for the grace is upon you. Rejoice when you face trials and difficulties, rejoice for I am with you.

The days are short, the time is running out, there is no escape from the end, the end is coming. Those who despised you will be despised, those who opposed you will be opposed, those who rejected you will be rejected. Work hard at whatever you do, the days are counted, all the days of your life counted. Each and every one of you will face trials, they are inevitable. Be strong in your faith, stand firm, do not give way, you are born to be in Christ, you are born to live for Christ. Christ is in you.

The Father will judge you through Me. When the judgement day comes make sure you have nothing to be ashamed for. Live holy and godly lives. Run the race marked ahead of you. Do not fear for I am with you. Be strong and courageous. People come in many faces learn to discern, those who are not with you are against you. You cannot make anyone for what they are not, only the Father can. The Father has all the power. The power in Me is given to Me by the Father. Be faithful, remember always you are in the presence of GOD now and forever.


The daily prophetic word:

Do not fear, be strong and courageous for whatever you face in life. Life runs through many streams. Your life runs through Me. In Me you will find peace, in Me you will find love, in Me you will find contentment. Show compassion and kindness to people around you. In everything you do give praises to the LORD. LORD has confirmed you as a child of GOD. So then, stand strong. Is there anything that you cannot achieve for I am with you? You are a child of Christ. Stand up, rise up, your time is here. Be bold and confident in Me. Do not fear. Your strength and confidence comes from Me. Through Me you will see all promises being fulfilled, through Me you will see the Garden of Eden, through Me you will see all those lives being transformed into their eternal destiny. Through Me you will reach out to the poor and needy and will lead them to My Kingdom.

I am the living water, live through Me. My Father has chosen His people before the foundation of this earth, come to Me. GOD is omniscient and omnipresent, there is no escape the Truth is in Me. When you commit your life to Christ, you stand out in crowd for I live in you. I AM is present in your lives at everywhere you look, live through Me.


The daily prophetic word:

Fools folly is apparent to all, yet those who turn a blind eye take part in his folly. Those who exalt themselves in the eyes of others will be brought down. Those who live in lies, live with the devil, the devil is the father of all lies. Those who take part in the devil’s games are partakers of the devil. Their end is written from the beginning. Truly I tell you they have no future. Have nothing to do with these people.

Be steadfast, be sharp in your discernments, and distinguish the good from bad. The days are evil. Be alert and sober. Keep people at arm lengths, do not allow the evil to your vicinity. So many people are corrupted in their thoughts, in theirs actions, in their words. Keep away from these people, have nothing to do with them.

Engage only with My people, who live holy and godly lives. Encourage and serve LORD’s people whose faith is in Me. Do not turn right or left from your calling. Look straight ahead, fix your thoughts and eyes on Me. You serve the LORD, not a human being. I am with you, I fight for you, I am in, Me and My whole army for you.


The daily prophetic word:

I am with you, I will never leave you nor forsake you, move forward, take the lead, you will lead these people to obedience to Me. They are blinded to My truth. They claim to know Me, they run away from Me. Be onto them, attack them from every front, I am going ahead of you. They think they are winners in their deceitfulness. They deceive people with their lies and schemes. They have no consideration for any one, they never have done. They are up for themselves and there is no change in that. The devil is the father of all liars. From their response you will know who are the children of devil, have nothing to do with them. Do not treat them like they are saying something reasonable, block them out of your life for good, have nothing to do with such people. It is not up to you to bring them into repentance some never will. They will pass away from this world without any hope. Then you will know that their end has come. Therefore it is not up to you to feel compassion on them and think that you could help them. No one can, except the Father. If the Father has chosen not to, accept it and move on. Do not dwell in it. If the door is closed on them by the Father accept that it is closed. There is nothing further you could do to help them. Remember always you fight for the Kingdom not for the ones Father has rejected. Their life has come to an end the day they have rejected Me, the day they have rejected Me, they were rejected by Me.

I do My best for My children and My best is yet to come. You will see My best when you are ready to receive Me in My fullness. When you ready to receive Me in My full power and glory you will be glorified with Me. Father will glorify all His children in heavens and new earth. The earth will be belong to His sons and daughters who died for Him as their dwelling place. They will be blessed for eternity. The eternal life is theirs and theirs is the Kingdom.


The daily prophetic word:

Forgive for what they don’t know, forgive for what they have failed to do, forgive for what they live by. It is Mine to avenge, it is Mine to lead them to My truth. You have tried they have ignored it, you have pushed to progress they have pushed back. This is where it ends. Pull back their blood will be on their own head. They have no future without Me. I am the author of life, I am the life, I write the life. Their life is already written in Me.

GOD is just. GOD is right. GOD is one. GOD is with you, He guides you, leads you into the life you meant to have with Him. Discern His good will for you, gift of GOD is an eternal life.

Do not fear, be strong in your faith. GOD forgive those who are truly innocent of their sins, those who seek repentance. Repent for your sins! The Kingdom of GOD is near! Repent! Live a holy and godly life in Me, with Me, through Me! My life is for you, My love is in you, live with Me.


The daily prophetic word:

Love one another as I loved you. Do not live in hostility. Be in peace with everyone. Forgive for what they don’t know. They have no conception of time, no consideration to oppressed. Their time is here, their time has come. Their lies are chocking them, at night when they go to sleep they are heavy of their guilt. They cannot wear it, they cannot hold them all in. They will get burst open all their inside will spill out of them. Then people will see that the truth was told yet they did not believe it. The time is so precious make the most of the days you have been given for the Kingdom of GOD.

The guilt of sheading innocent blood stays on the people who do not commit their lives to Me, who do not do the right things, who cry out to Me in vain. I have no mercy for the evil doers. Their end is here. Those who shed innocent blood will be punished. LORD is just and right. He will pay back the evil doers for what they have done. Therefore wait on the LORD.

GOD is witness to all. GOD created all, witnesses all. Whoever turns a blind eye to His commandments, whoever violets His covenant, whoever is disobedient to His will, will face the consequences of their actions. They will not pass this earth with the blessings I had in store for them. They will not reach their full age. GOD commands all His people to be obedient to Him in everything they do. Be obedient to Holy GOD, be obedient to your Creator, be obedient to His will in your life.

GOD rewards those who are obedient who keeps the faith in the LORD. When you do obey so I tell you heavens rejoice over you. Keep the faith in Me. Do not think that you have failed because you do not confirm to this world and to their earthly desires. You are a winner in My eyes.

So I tell you all those liars, all those two faced people will not see a day in My Kingdom. They will face eternal death. Their death is on their door steps knocking on their door, they are to depart this earth with their wages of sin because they did not believe in Me. Their end is here. Their end has come.

Keep going My holy people, keep going in the face of adversaries, keep going in the face of difficulties, your reward is in Me. I reward My holy, I reward My remnant, I reward My people.


The daily prophetic word:

All my followers will face persecution. No one is greater than their Master. Be strong in your faith, do not wither, GOD gave you lives takes lives. Do not judge anyone on their face value. You are worth than the most precious stones to Me. I’ve created you to live in Me to have an eternal life with Me, to share My glory with Me. Your life is in Me like a sacred stone chiselled in Me with holy words.

Do not think that I have left you on your own, you are not on your own for I am with you. Do not think that I do not fight for you for I go before you to make the crooked places straight. This is a crooked generation, they do not know their right from their left. For this is a rebellious generation who are rebelling against the Word of GOD. For this is a corrupt generation for they are prepared to sell their birth right for a bowl of soup like Esau. They will not find their way to Me unless the Father brings them to Me. Very truly I tell you only a few will find the Way to Me.

Do not feel sorry for these people for they heard the Truth but they have no intention of following Me.

Live a life worthy of Christ, believe in Me I will show you the way to My Kingdom in Me. I will put My words into your mouth, speak of Me till your last breath, till I take you home to be with Me. Your home is with Me.


The daily prophetic word:

I will give you My best. Though you have not seen it, you heard of it, you believed in My promise to you. My promise for you is beyond this world waiting for the Day of Redemption. I have redeemed you from among all. I have called you by your name for you to serve Me. My promises to you are yes and amen. Those who spoke against you, spoke against Me, those who rejected you, rejected Me, truly I tell you their end is here. Unless they are reborn they will not see the Kingdom of GOD. Although they will ever so hear it but will not understand it. Their hearts are calloused. GOD will not give them the understanding till they believe in Me. They have no future in Me unless they believe in Me. All set in stone. All written in My Word.

I see your potentials in Me, I see what the people could be not what they are. When I speak I speak of their best in Me. You don’t see what I see, therefore put your trust in Me. If I give you commands to follow, do not question it, follow My commandments and decrees I speak for your best in Me. Therefore follow all I say to you, do not turn right or left. These people, who have done violence to My law will be caught, they will face the justice system here on earth as it is in heaven. Their days are numbered and they know it because GOD spoke to their hearts, they feel it, they know the truth, they know what’s coming at them. What’s coming at them is Son of GOD with His whole army. Surely I tell you they have nowhere to escape. Believe in Me.


The daily prophetic word:

People who are spiritually dead have no hope in Me. They are like the grass you see here today faded and gone tomorrow. The gift of GOD is eternal life whoever believes in Me shall not perish but have an eternal life. Like the grasshoppers you fill the earth in multitudes but only those who believe in Me will live with Me, there is no future for the rest.

Do not underestimate your potentials in Me with Me you could do all things, I give you all the strength you need, I provide you with riches of My glory. I gave you all of Me, live in Me. Do not turn right or left from your calling. Discern My good will for you. Only those who believe in Me shall live, whoever does the will of Father shall see His Kingdom in Me. Those who refuse to believe in Me, those who refuse to obey My Father have no hope in Me. Their end is here. Truly I say to you believe in Me. Chose to believe, choose to obey, live an eternal life in Me, with Me forever and ever.


The daily prophetic word:

Do not fear. Help My people, with your help they will find their way in life, with your help they will have a reason to smile because you encourage them, you give them hope they have in Me. Be strong in your faith, you will lead these people to repentance. They have suffered at the hands of their wrong doings, at the hands of being despised by others, at the hands of evil doers. Give them the hope I gave you, shout louder. Perseverance produces endurance and the endurance will give them the character I require of them in Me and hope they have in Me. Its all linked tightly together. You cannot have one without the other. All children of GOD will suffer at the hands of wrong doings. Do not be alarmed, do not despair, be strong in your faith.

When you obey so I tell you I will shower you with My blessings, I will open the doors that were closed on you, I will provide you with My riches in glory. I will meet all your needs, when people see you they will know that you are the blessed of the LORD. They will say LORD blessed you abundantly, they will ask can they be blessed too. Tell them all the good deeds I have done for you, do not hold back, you will lead these people to Me. I gave you the power of My Spirit, lead them to Me.



The daily prophetic word:

Run away from these people who treats you bad, who don’t know what they want, who wants to please others but they failed to please Me. I gave them My hope they turn their back at Me. Therefore there is no place for them in My Kingdom. My Kingdom belongs to those who pleases Me and My Father, who lives for Me not for their own earthly gain. I say to them repent! Kingdom of GOD came near you, yet you have turned your back. Do not say to Me Lord, Lord can we enter into your Kingdom, truly I tell you there is no hope for you unless you repent!

Do not think about these people any more, they have made their choices you cannot help someone who cannot help themselves. You have a brand new future ahead of you. My best yet to come for you. Believe in Me.

Do not be sad about the people who won’t make it into My Kingdom. You see them with naked eyes, they see you with closed eyes. Their eyes are closed otherwise they would have seen the glory of My Kingdom in their life. They cannot see. Your eyes are opened. You see what they are missing out of in their life. They cannot see, what you see. They won’t be able to unless they repent for their sins. Truly I tell you their time is coming to an end. I say to you all, repent the Kingdom of GOD is near you!


The daily prophetic word:

Wipe away the tears you have been shedding, Christ died for you, for you to live a life of abundance in Christ. Do not get upset about the past, past had its time. Look ahead of you for the future in Me. These waters are past. A band new of you emerging as I lift you up with My righteous right hand. You can do no wrong as you live in Me. If anyone says to you why you did that, say to them are you the judge of the world. They are not, no one is. My Father will judge the world through Me. All His children will be judged through Me. Therefore I say to you, you don’t have to give an account of your actions to anyone but Me. As you step out in faith, I go where you go for I am with you. Do not think that I have deserted you. I live in you. Your life is sacred in Me.

Live holy, be holy. Have faith. I came to this world to die for you. Your hope is in Me. You will all come back to Me. For the ones live in Me to eternal life for the ones refuse to believe in Me to eternal death. Obey all My commandments, My commandments are not burdensome. They are for your good. So I say when you obey Me and live in Me I am with you for eternity.


The daily prophetic word:

Love is first, love is the beginning of all, love is for eternity. When you have love in your heart you can do no wrong because you love Me. My Father so loved the world He gave His only Son to you all for you to live an eternal life through Me. Love your neighbour as yourself, do no wrong to anyone. Come out of the shell of protection you have built around you to your own destiny. Your destiny is written in Me. Step out in faith and do all the good works My Father has planned for you for His Kingdom. Your days are counted, all your days are counted. Once you pass away you face the judgement. Therefore I say to you do all your good works while you are in the world where you are going you will not have opportunity again but to face the judgement.

I say all these to you for your own good. I do not want you to be uninformed that you knew nothing about what’s coming. The ones live by the Law will be judged by the Law, I am the Law, apart from the Law they will perish. The ones live by Me will be judged by Me for their rewards in Me. Earn the rewards due to you, be diligent in your works you do for Christ. Live for Christ, apart from Christ you will perish that is the truth. I am the Truth.


The daily prophetic word:

I did not give you the spirit of fear, I have given you the spirit of power, love and self-discipline. You will lead this people to their inheritance. Do that all I have asked you to do, do not turn right or left from your calling. Be strong in your faith, be courageous for I am with you. I will move the mountains for you, for you believe in Me. Everything is possible with Me, in Me.

Shine for your time has come! Step out in great faith! I have given your enemies into your hands! They have nowhere to escape, they are just waiting for their end to come, they are just counting the days to pass by so they will be relieved of their guilt. Their sins are weighting over them for they cannot carry anymore. You will relieve them from the sins they have committed because they will confess their wrong doings, they will come to me broken hearted for forgiveness of their sins. You will push them into a corner that they cannot escape but to confess.

It is written the righteous prevails out of all their troubles, LORD delivers them from all. Believe in Me, I will deliver all My sheep out of their troubles. Therefore I say to you be very strong in your faith, be very courageous for I am with you.


The daily prophetic word:

For I am with you who can be against you for I gave My life for you. I bring My glory upon whom I want when I want. It is not up to you to decide, I decide all. I am in control of all things. The world is in My hand. I am the one who sustains it. I am the one goes forth before you. I am the one whose whole army fights for you. I am the one counts the days of My people’s suffering at the hands of their persecutors. I am the one on Mount Zion sees all.

Do not think that you will get away with any of your wrong doings. My eyes pierce you from afar, bring you forth for the judgement. You will be condemned for your wrong doings, uphold for your righteousness. My righteous live with Me, in Me. Those who accuse one of Mine will be accused. The forgiveness only comes when you truly repent for all your sins. It is not a lip service that shall utter it is heartfelt, it is from the heart. Everything you do flows from the heart. Therefore I say to you repent for all your sins, come clean to Christ. Be faithful and true, be My righteous in My eyes.


The daily prophetic word:

If GOD’s love is full in your heart, no one is required in your heart. This is the test you could learn from. If GOD is with you, no one is required to be with you. Do not be afraid of anything for your GOD is with you. I pull My people out of all their troubles I will pull you out of all your troubles because you believe in Me.

Those who oppressed you will come to you with unconditional feet for they know My hand is onto them. They cannot escape, they have nowhere to escape but Me. They will run to Me with their sorrows, with their heartaches, they will seek healing from Me, forgiveness for the troubles they have caused. I say to them repent! Kingdom of GOD came near you, you did not know it. Walk away you sinners, walk away you evil doers. The sins you have committed heard from heavens. There is no way out for you but to confess, confess all your sins. Live a righteous life, holy life. Surely I tell you, you won’t make it unless you repent.


The daily prophetic word:

People sins are heard from highest heavens. I will strike down all the oppressors, I will strike down all transgressors. Do no wrong, run away from the evil doers. This is your LORD who died for you, this is your LORD who gave you His life, this is your LORD who helps the afflicted, this is your LORD who set up His throne in the highest heavens.

Do not think you are right in your eyes, it is the LORD who judges. I will judge the inequities of My people. Your days are short, do no wrong to anyone, be kind to each other. What is it that you cannot share, what is it that spins out of control, what is it that makes you think you are right in your eyes. It is the LORD who judges. All will be judged through Me. I say to you be careful of each step you take, be prudent in your actions. Those who does in haste will suffer the consequences of their hastiness. All seen and heard, there is nothing that you can hide all under the heavens. My eyes are on you. I am with you. Live righteous lives, be holy, for I am holy.


The daily prophetic word:

The anointing I have given to you is not a counterfeit that can be mocked. Those who falsely accusing you wished that they have what you have, My Spirit in them, through them. Till they come to repentance I cannot heal them, till they seek My face I cannot hear them. The time will come you will be given new homes, the homes that eternally secured with Me, in Me. Do not fear of the changes coming your way. Be strong in your faith.

I have not given you the spirit of fear but spirit of power, love and sound mind. Love all with whole your heart. Do not fear. Those who wronged you, they failed themselves but you. Do not think that you have wronged them, they did not hear you or your message. The Father will not upset you but those who upset you, those who did not put their trust in your words. Keep the faith, fight a good fight. It is the gospel, it is the Word of the LORD, it is Me you live for now and forever not for the human beings. So I say to you get up and be strong in your faith. Do not turn right or left from your calling. Fix your eyes on Me upon Me forever and ever.


The daily prophetic word:

Pass judgement on no one. All who judges will be judged themselves by the same measure. Father judges all. So I say do not judge anyone. Live a life of Christ with Me in Me. Truly I tell you the time will come for you all to stand for the judgement day. Till then be strong in your faith. Your faith is proven to be stronger than those precious stone, refiner than those gold for I live in you.

I guide you, I cast My eye on you, I lead you the way you should go for you to live a life of Christ. Keep your heart pure whatever you do, all flows from the heart. Live a righteous life in Me with Me. Those who wronged you they wronged themselves. Those who disappointed you disappointed themselves. In the face of Christ they did all that. Pray for them. Pray for yourself that GOD will reach out to you and save you from the hands of the evil doers. This is a perverse generation, with no regard to any one, with minimal belief. Believe in Me so you prosper, believe in Me so you share My glory with Me, believe in Me for the life coming in Me with Me for eternity.


The daily prophetic word:

What are the hopes you once had and gone?

What is it that you did not believe in Me?

What is it that makes you blind?

What is it that you sprung upon from one to another?

Where it all ends?

Your sins have reached the highest heavens. You depressed, you oppressed My holy. When would you come to repentance to know My will for you?

When is that you will say I have sinned against you?

Seek forgiveness. I reached the holy mountains. I bring the pride down to lowly. I lift you up when you are weak and restore you.

When would you say please forgive me Father I have sinned against you?

Seek forgiveness, seek repentance. Repent for your sins and the sins you have caused for others.

The deepest you are in and deeper you get in the mud you can only be pulled by Me. I can pull you out I can restore you but you need to be willing to live through Me. Confess your sins so you reach to highest heavens with Me. Live with Me. Accept My good will for you not a will of a stranger who will ashtray you. There is no life in others that can give you. Only I can extend My holy arm to you to save you. Accept Me. Be with Me.


The daily prophetic word:

The time is drawing near, give yourselves up for Christ, live for Christ. No one can save you but Christ. Live a life of holy, be righteous in all your dealings. The righteous person will win the day. This is the battle of Christ. Christ died for you 2000 years ago on the cross. Join Me in My suffering, join Me in Me glory. Father glorified Himself in His Son, you will be glorified in Me.

Truly I tell you unless you be with Me you won’t see the day of righteous being lifted up. Be with Me. Be glorified in Me. In Me through Me you shall live, in Me through Me you shall reach the holy mountains, in Me through Me there is a life that is eternal. Join Me for the celebrations of the wedding supper. My Father has invited all that His. I brought them with Me to the wedding. This is My wedding with you, for all of us to celebrate the new coming. So then be with Me, sing a new song with Me, join Me, give your hand to Me in marriage.


The daily prophetic word:

I am the redeemer of Israel, I am the one goes before you, I am the one justifies you. Do no wrong in My eyes. You are My righteous, you are My servant. Save all who are with you, help My lost ones. For I died for you, I will come and get you for Myself. The times of arrogance gone, the times of being with Me, living in Me, the time of confession is here. Confess all your sins. Repent for My Kingdom is near.

I will not let you be shamed, I will uphold your case, I will uphold you with My righteous right hand for I love you, for I have chosen you to live in Me. Before the foundations of the earth there was Me and My chosen ones. Be with me, in Me for ever and ever.