Please pray this simple prayer and accept LORD Jesus Christ as your Righteous Saviour if you have not done so already.

Heavenly Father I want to give my life to you and enter into your Kingdom. I know that I have sinned, please forgive me of all my sins. All the ones I know about all the ones I don’t know about. I believe that LORD Jesus is your Son, Son of GOD and I believe that He died for my sins and I believe that you raised him from the dead.

LORD Jesus please come into my heart, by the power of Holy Spirit please transform me into the person you intended me to be. From the moment of my conception. Thank you for dying for me and for giving me the gift of eternal life in your Kingdom. Thank you LORD Jesus, amen.

GOD bless you and grace of our LORD Jesus Christ be with you.


The daily prophetic word:

Jericho fell down on the 7th day. I will fall all your enemies down within 7. Believe in Me, do not stagger like drunken, toxicated people who do not know the way. The way to cross is faith, only by faith you will be saved, only by faith you will reach to eternal life. Only by faith Jericho fell down, only by faith in the LORD you will succeed.

Sun rises at my command, rain falls onto earth at My command. At My command you will be raised into eternal life. At My command you will be opened the way to eternal life. At My command all your enemies will fall, the peace will surround the earth, My justice and righteousness will fill the earth among My people who is thirsty for it. Like an arrow left the bow for its target, so as the number of days left for the return of the LORD. Arrow left the bow at Calvary, will hit the target at Lord ’s Day. I will stand on the hills of mount Zion I will overlook the land see the dwellings of my people.

I, LORD your God died for you, I, LORD your God will rescue you. Do not fear when enemy opposes you, do not fear when the days are darkened, do not fear I am with you till the end.


The daily prophetic word:

I am the living water, I am the way to eternal life, I am the only one you need. I am the one will take you out of your depths will lead you to peace, I am the one will cross the waters for you to reach GOD’s plan in your life. Obey to My word, obey to My teachings. Obey to every word come out of My mouth.

Rivers are running high, in desperation people are running in all different directions, in desperation they are seeking for My help with tears running down on their face. Do not be one of those who don’t know their right to left, do not be one of those people searching for answers in false hopes. You My dear Christ of child, you My dear gave your life to Christ, you My dear died for Christ.

Christ died for you all so you could live an eternal life. Where are you all Judea, Samaria and beyond? My children scattered all over the earth. I, GOD will bring you back to your home. Zion, My temple, My dwelling place here on earth is for you all who believes in Christ. I have died for your sins, I have risen on the third day for you. So that you have a living hope in Me.


The daily prophetic word:

I have given you the days of your life for you to prosper, for you to live in content, in faith in Me. I want to see My people smile, live peaceful lives. You are only on this earth for a while then the end will come. Do not upset each other, do not rage wars, do not fight. Be resilient to the accuser, be resilient to the Satan, stand firm in your faith, stand strong, believe that I, GOD live in you. I, GOD will never leave you, will never forsake you, for I am with you till the end of your days.

Always give thanks and praises to the LORD who created you, who gave you these lives, who has been with you every step of the way. Be strong and courageous, you are the child of GOD. Who can be against you while I am with you? No one! It is not possible. No one can defeat you, no one can touch even to one hair on your head for I am with you. Live your lives in Christ for Christ and always give thanks and praises to the LORD your GOD.


The daily prophetic word:

I want My people to be happy and live fruitful lives. They have been given one life, one chance to walk through the doors of heaven. This is the eternal life up for grasp, it is the everlasting opportunity to grow in Christ. My people, I live among you. Don’t you recognise Me when you see Me on the face of My people? I live among you, I live through you. Talk to My people, take up your cross run with them. They are My precious people. They do My deeds, they obey My commands, they keep the faith in Me in the face of adversities.

Be one of My people, run to cross, give your lives to cross, submit to LORD’s will in your lives. I will protect you, I will guide you, I will lead you. I will open the doors of the heaven for you. Do as I command, do as I say. The days are short, the end is coming fast sooner than you all think. Very soon. You have one opportunity to make it happen. You have one life time to take you to eternal life. You have one and only way to lead you to the truth and that is your LORD Jesus Christ. His precious blood on the cross paid for your sins. Whoever put their trust in Me, believe in Me that I am the LORD, I am the Son of GOD and My Father raised Me up from the death will be saved. I will raise them up on the last day to an everlasting life in Me.


The daily prophetic word:

The rivers are running short but My hand is not short says the Father. I will bring My glory upon who I am pleased with, who do my decrees, who obey My commandments. I choose whoever I want, I do whatever I want. It is My prerogative. I will bring calamity on those who knows nothing about Me due their own deliberate choice, who refuse to repent, who do not live righteous lives. I will bring calamity on those who think they know it all in their own eyes, who think they can do as they please. I will bring calamity on those who persecute My people for speaking the truth for the truth. These lives will come to an end. These lives to pass.

Seek the eternal truth, seek to live righteous lives, seek to obey My commandments, seek to please Me. Believe in Me. Believe in the truth. Your LORD brought you out of Egypt through the deserts, will bring you to Zion. Zion, My holy home. Walk the hills of Zion, come to My holy temple, reach out to Me, I will catch you. I will lead you to eternal life you are dreaming of and that is the truth. It is sealed with My holy name.


The daily prophetic word:

I do not want you to be uninformed My brothers and sisters, this ages to pass, the truth to be revealed. I, the Messiah to come for My people for My Kingdom. I, the Messiah will be revealed to you on the last day. I, the Messiah will open the doors of the heaven for My people. I do not want you to be uninformed the truth will be revealed to all. Take your cross run with me, accept My invitation to heavenly realms. I, the Messiah will put a smile on My people’s face. I am coming with My rewards to all who served Me. I am coming to all who accepted Me. I am coming to all who opened their doors to welcome Me. I am coming to this earth to relieve you from all your pains. I am coming to this earth to take you home with Me.

So then, works you have been put in work at it with all your might to best of your knowledge. You all have a work at My Kingdom small or large, you have been given by the Holy Spirit. By the power of the Holy Spirit you will be exalted to your positions at My coming. Wait patiently and eagerly for My return. Be sober and alert the day of the LORD will come like a thief at night. These are the words spoken, these are the words to be fulfilled.


The daily prophetic word:

Son of Man what is that you do not understand? what is it that you do not perceive? what is it that you do not believe? These lives are given for you to come to Christ, these lives are given for you to serve Christ. Say to Satan, get away from me Satan! I serve the LORD your GOD! It is written “worship the LORD your GOD and serve Him only”. Worship the LORD your GOD. Do not be conformed into earthly lives, these lives will come to an end. Fix your eyes on the cross, on the heavenly realms, on your LORD Jesus Christ. Conform into every word that comes out of My mouth. Obey! Live a life worthy of Christ. I will never leave you or forsake you. I will be with you wherever you go, whatever you do. You are a child of GOD, live a happy, fulfilling life.

Let people rejoice, let them sign praises to their LORD, let them worship the LORD. When the prayers are heard, when the good deeds are done when the needy is helped, My Kingdom is near you. My Kingdom come to those who live in Christ, those who serve Christ. Live holy lives, love each other the same way I love you. Do not hold back, be generous in your deeds. Live a life worthy of Christ. Truly I tell you, you will be rewarded for every good deed you do for Christ.


The daily prophetic word:

Do not be anxious, do not despair, do not wither. I have taken you from the corners of the earth brought you here. You are with Me till the end. You are with Me till the times are passed. The mountains are not too high that you cannot claim, nor My hand is not too short that cannot reach. Look around you creation is My mighty hands work. I lift the lowly ones with My hand, I exalt the ones who revere My name, fear Me the most. I live through My people who accept Me. I am in the breeze you feel, I am in the light you receive, I am in everywhere you live. I do not leave My people on their own, I lead them, guide them to the truth. You are all born with the truth.

Pray to Me, petition your request to Me. Ask it shall be given, seek you shall find, knock it shall be open. Seek Me for My Kingdom, seek Me for My truth, you shall find. You are on the earth for a moment or two, your lives live and pass, come and go like a reflection on a TV screen. So then you cannot hold onto anything from this earth, you cannot take anything with you to where you are going. Where you are going is beyond this earth either to eternal death or to eternal life. Choice is yours. Choose to live by Me, with Me, in Me. I am the only way to the eternal life says the LORD.


The daily prophetic word:

I am the Living Water who comes to Me will never be thirsty again. I am the living water who lives in you, through you. I am the Living Water for a life that is eternal. Come to Me My people drink from My fountain that runs from the river of life. Wash your hands off with My water for the sins you have committed. Cleanse your thoughts from all the evil, guard your hearts for everything you say runs from the heart. Shun the evil, live a life worthy of Christ. Be holy for I am holy.

Be strong and courageous in everything you do in My name. Do not turn left or right. Do as I command. In everything you do give praises to the LORD your GOD. He will take you out of all your troubles. He will lead you to eternal life. Life without a light will not shine same as someone without a Christ will not live. Make your decisions based on that and that is the final.


The daily prophetic word:

Life has many rivers run through people lives but the one you want to run with is LORD Jesus Christ. Do not allow Satan to destroy your relationship with Me. The enemy will try and try that’s what they do but it is defatted the moment you call upon My name. Order the enemy to disappear from your lives and never to be returned again in My name. When you call upon My name I will send My angels for you to open the way, to straighten the crooked paths. I love all My children equally, I gave My life to for all of you. Your inequities separated you from My Father now that you are in Christ there won’t be any more separation. He is your Father as much as Mine. Love your Heavenly Father with all your heart, soul and mind. Love each other as much as you love Me. I will be with you always.

When the times are hard do not despair. With prayers and petition call upon My name. I will give you the strength, the wisdom and the knowledge you require to carry on. You are not alone for I am with you. When the time comes to depart this earth you whoever believes in Me will be taken to heavenly realms for their eternal destiny. The destiny has been written for each and one of you, will not change. The destiny of eternal life is waiting for all who believes in Me your LORD Jesus Christ.


The daily prophetic word:

Justice and righteousness that’s all require for someone to walk uprightly. Be holy for I am holy. The steps you are taking right now will determine your eternal destiny. Come uprightly before Me, come in peace in My name. Reach out your hand to the needy, to the lowly for theirs is the Kingdom. The visions I have given to My prophets to be fulfilled. The Kingdom of My doors will be opened to those who come in My name, who believe in Me, who are betrayed by their close ones because of Me, who are persecuted for their faith in Me, who are mocked for their belief in Me. For I am coming with My justice, My right hand will reach out to the sky when it comes down the judgement will be given to those who betrayed Me, who mocked Me, who persecuted Me, who flocked Me, who killed Me.

Be hold I am coming with My rewards to those who serve Me, who walk uprightly before Me, who administers justice in their dealings, who teaches My decrees and commandments to their children, who pleases My Father and put their faith in Me. My hand is not short, My glory reaches for My people for all their needs. Believe in Me, believe in My word for I will reward all believers according to the work they have done in Christ.