The daily prophetic word:

Free your mind from all immorality, flee from sexual immorality. All other sins are outside the body but the sexual immorality is committed against the body. Your body is sacred to the LORD. How can you worship Me, be with Me while you are sinning? How can you open up your arms and pray to Me while you are committing sexual immorality? How can you say to Me save Me my LORD while My face is turned away from you. I do not hear you and I will not hear you till you come out of it. Repent for all your sins. Walk away from these people. Do not hold onto them who are full of false hopes. I am the only way, I am your only hope. Walk My way.

Walk with Me true and true. Be with Me for the life everlasting. I am with My righteous, I am with My holy, I am with My servants the prophets, I am with My children. I will never leave you nor forsake you. Choose to be with Me. I am the shining light, I am the brightness of morning star, I am the way to eternal life, I am the faithful and the true. Shine in Me like never before! Shine with Me for eternity!


The daily prophetic word:

You will win this battle and every battle you face in your life for I am with you. The battle is LORD’s. It’s Mine to vengeance, it’s Mine to pull My righteous out of the troubled waters they are in, it is Mine to bring the wicked low. It is Mine to declare you are Mine. Whatever you are facing today take it on the chin for I am with you. It is greater than all behind you, guiding your steps, holding your hand, leading you the way.

Put a smile on your face for I am with you. I will never leave you nor forsake you. I want you to come up strong, be bold and courageous, you are leading these people what I have promised them 2000 years ago with My blood shed on the cross. You are bringing them to knowledge and understanding of who I am in their life. My life is given for all. Whoever accepts Me, whoever dies in Me, whoever leave all behind come and joins Me shall be with Me. I am with you for eternity.


The daily prophetic word:

Fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom and understanding is the knowledge of the Holy one. Seek me you will find Me. Search me in your most inner being for I am in the midst of you. I live in you. I raise My righteous up for all eyes to see, I raise My holy ones to be glorified and honoured by Me. This life is coming to an end, a new one is about to start up, it is the beginning of a new journey in Me. Straight ahead of you is the crown of righteousness, it is yours for taking, awarded to those who put their trust in Me, who live in Me. I am with my righteous I am with My holy for eternity.

Do not think that you will win the world, the world did not know Me and will certainly not know you for you are with Me. You are not made for this world, you are created to live in Me. I put My Spirit in the inside of you for you to prosper for you live an abundant life for you to serve Me and worship Me for eternity. It is not the earthly pleasures and gains you are after it is the crown of righteousness and it is the treasures in heaven. I will award you with those when you come to Me.


The daily prophetic word:

All that promised to you will come to pass for I am with you. Greater than all is behind you in everything you do in My name. I have raised you up for this day, I have brought you forth for this hour, stand up strong, take up your cross and follow Me. My life is given for you, take My body, drink My blood shed for you, 2000 years ago I died for you. For you to live for you to inherit eternal life for you to be with Me and the Father. My love is for you.

The love you are looking for is in you. I am in the midst of you. I will not leave you. I will take you to places you have never dreamt of, you will experience the super natural in your life, you will feel My power and presence in every sense in every area of your life. The heavens will open up above your head for you to see Me sitting at the right hand of the Father. You will fall face down from My glory. You belong to Me. No man can come to you unless I allow. All things happen with My permission. My will determines all. No one can come to the Father except through Me. I will raise you up on the last day, I will glorify and honour you. Shine your light before Me. Do not fear man, what man can do to you for I am with you.


The daily prophetic word:

By faith and faith alone you live in Me, by faith and faith alone you look up to cross for the things above not on earth, for the things invisible to the eye. Do not fear for what’s your next journey is going to be. You are not going to be alone. I will bring a team of people working with you, helping you on your missionary journey. I will open the way, I will make the way for you to progress onto the next level of your faith. For the things said and spoken about you has no bearings to who you are inside of Me. I live in you for all that is said and done, done at my presence. I am your main witness. My angels carry out the orders I have given them regarding your concerns. It will come to pass.

This earth will be rolled out like a garment, a new one will start in its place with My holy ones. With no more pain, no more sorrows, no more heartache and no more death. Death will not have its sting. It’s a place where my holy and righteous dwells, it is a place with everlasting joy and happiness. It is a place where angels resides with My people, it is a place with an everlasting life. Make a choice to wilfully obey Me, make a choice you want to be with Me, make a choice this is the life you want to live through Me. Make a choice to be with Me!


The daily prophetic word:

Do not fear the evil. You have power over all demons and their advocates. Discern who is born of GOD who is not. Be alert, be sober minded distinguish between the evil and good, what is born of GOD what is not. Keep your mind focus on Christ at all times, look up keep your eyes fixed on the cross. You have authority over unclean spirits, you have the power given to you from high above. Use it, grasp it, and understand the difference you can make over people’s lives by casting out these spirits from their lives.

You can heal them, you can heal the broken hearted bind their wounds, you can give them the hope that they are missing in their lives. Fight for Christ, run the race at such speed and determination that you win the prize, the crown of righteousness, the crown of winning the souls for Christ. I will not leave you, in everything you do I will stand behind you I will not let your words fall to the ground for I am with you. Be strong and courageous. Lead the lost ones to Christ, live for Christ.


The daily prophetic word:

The life that I have given you cannot be fathom. It is eternal, it is in Me and through Me. The fountains of the living water is in you, flows in your veins, make all your days count. Every day is a gift given from GOD. Do not be saddened about your circumstances. You have the power in you to make it all happen the way you would like them to be. You can change them the way you want it to be. I am shifting all the hindrances out, I am lifting you to come up above it all. You will be lifted above all. Your concerns and worries will be a thing of a past. You will start a new season in this very hour.

Do not think that My hand is short that cannot save you from the hands of the enemy. The battle has already been won. The victory is Mine, the vengeance is Mine. You are victorious through Me. You have already won the battle, the enemy is scared of you for they know their time is short for they know I am onto them. This is the very hour you will look up and declare your faith, this is the very hour you will praise the LORD for the works of His hand. You live in Me and through Me for in this age and in the new. Be a good cheer I have overcome the world!


Daily prophetic word:

You will be delivered out of all your troubles and worries. I will deliver you. I will open the way for you to walk in. These days are coming to an end. Be strong and courageous for I am with you, I will speak through you. Stop the enemy on its tracks. You are a child of GOD stand up strong, be courageous. No man can do a thing to you for you are My child. I have raised you up for this very day. I have brought you forth for you to lead a life of godly and honourable. All eyes will see I have raised you up whom I have justified and qualified whom I have justified I also glorified.

Do not back down, keep going, the endurance in the face of suffering produces perseverance. Your faith is being proven. Rejoice always! Wipe away the tears from your eyes. Have no worries. It is all under My control. I make the sun shine on your face, I make the day and night. You are here for a season, all your worries will vanish before your eyes. You will smile again. You will be happy beyond any measure for I am with you.


The daily prophetic word:

Do not fear. This world will come to pass a new one will be rolled out like a garment. You will dwell in the new earth as children of GOD. GOD has created you to be holy, a royal priest hood. You live for GOD, you serve and worship the LORD your GOD. You are one with Him. Do not fear what a man can do to you? The bigger than all behind you. Stand up strong, be bold and courageous. Servant of God has a right to share the privileges given to Me. In everything you do, remember it’s the LORD your GOD you are serving not a human being. Live according to the scriptures provided for you. It’s all for your good and benefit.

My love given for you. My blood shed for you on the cross 2000 years ago. What you sow what you reap, what you do on this earth you are bound by it on the next. Live a holy and righteous life, be holy for I am holy. Love your enemy as your friend. Be friend to those who are sick and lonely, who are bound in their bed, who are in weak health, who are in destitute? Be with My people, open your hands, share out all you have, all good gifts I have given you from above. Love all as I love you.


The daily prophetic word:

I am bringing it, I am bringing all that was lost, I am bringing everything you have lost and more. I will give you a new start a brand new future through Me. You will raise up above all, you will declare your faith to the nations, you will speak in My name, you will heal the sick in My name, you will help the poor and lonely. You will not depart this earth before I have accomplished all that I have purposed for you for I love you. You are the apple of My eye.

Be faithful in your deeds and actions. Works without faith is dead. Your faith in Me is proven to be more precious than gold. I brought you happiness not a sadness, peace not a fight, discernment of My good will not a confusion. You will come out of all your troubles clean. You are the child of GOD, show yourself strong in your faith. Do not fear the evil doings of the people for little they know their days are coming to end. You are loved. You are not on your own for I am with you.


The daily prophetic word:

Be in alignment with GOD’s will and purpose for your lives. Justice will be given, rewards will be distributed at My return. For everything you do, give praises to the LORD your GOD and do it for His glory and honour. The time is short for your lives while you are on the earth make sure in everything you do, you do it for the LORD. When the end comes, when it is time for your departure ensure there is nothing left behind that undone. For I am with you I will go ahead of you, for you to achieve My good purpose in your lives. I will never leave you nor forsake you. Therefore pray to Me with open arms and supplications to know My good will for you and align yourselves accordingly.

Nothing undone will be done once you depart this earth. You will be bound by everything you do while you are on the earth, in the new earth. Therefore I say it again ensure you align yourselves with My pleasing, good will for your lives. Do not allow the enemy come and snatch the blessings I have stored up for you. Be calm and contend, be peaceful in your lives and work towards the goals I have set out for you. Do not get entangled with unbelievers, keep your focus on Me and run the race in such manner to win the prize. Ahead of you is the crown of righteousness, ahead of you is the gift of eternal life!


The daily prophetic word:

Wipe away the tears from your eyes. Do not worry about the things that you have no control over. Praise the LORD your GOD in everything you do, pray to the LORD for guidance and direction in your life. You are set on your course the destination is heavenly Kingdom here on earth as it is in heaven. This is not the end for the ones who believe in Me, this is just the beginning. You have whole life, the eternal life ahead of you to enjoy for My glory and honour.

Cheer up! Rejoice in the LORD always! I am raising you up, lift up your banner high up for everyone to see. A lamp lit cannot be hidden it is put onto show in the same way your light cannot be hidden, you are the light of the world. You shine in Me. I am lifting you up for every eye to see your light. Put your trust in Me. I have the best in mind for you.


The daily prophetic word:

You will achieve all your objectives in life. I cast My eye on you, I guide you, lead you the way you should go. You will go forward. Do not step backward, move forward with My divine guidance in your life. I will open the way I will pull you out of all these troubles surrounding you from here and now. I set My angels for you to move forward. Nothing is too big for Me. I am the GOD your Creator, maker of all, heavens and earth and everything in it. Nothing is too big for your GOD who created you. I am lifting you up out of all your troubles.

Revelation is here for you to progress into a brand new future. Your future is in Me. Your hope is with Me. I put My desires inside of you, speak up, do not hold back. Speak to the nations who despise you, who cast you out, who rejected you. For little they know they are rejecting Me in their life. Say to those truly I tell you your end has come. This is the end written from the beginning. Have no fear of these people.


The daily prophetic word:

Christ in you is the hope of glory, Christ in you has redeemed mankind from their sins, Christ in you lifts you up for a place in heavenly realms, Christ in you is mankind’s eternal destiny, Christ in you brought the salvation to whole mankind, Christ in you will lead you to your eternal destiny, Christ in you is the everlasting Father, Christ in you is testimony to mankind. Christ is in you!

Everything is given for common good to mankind to share with each other. Share all you have, share your gifts and talents. You are gifted in Me. You will be praised and honoured by Me. Do not fear of what’s ahead of you for I am with you. I will open the doors of My Kingdom for you and your children. Your family and friends will be saved. Only through grace you are saved not through good works. It is the grace of Heavenly Father to mankind. There is no other way. I am the way and the truth and the life.


The daily prophetic word:

Step out in faith, do all the good works I have prepared for you beforehand. I have trained you, I have qualified you, I have equipped you for all the good works. Your destiny is written in Me before you were even born. You are qualified to do all the good works in Me. Stand strong and be courageous. Do not think that you are not ready, you are ready. For I am with you I will go ahead of you, I will make the crooked places straight, I will provide you with open doors of opportunities. Walk through them, do not relent, be strong in Word and deed.

I command My angels for you, they take your prayer requests and bring them to Me. I hear what you say, you have been saddened about your circumstances, your sadness will come to an end. My peace I give you My peace be with you. Do not fear for I am in control of your circumstances and all. Therefore what I say comes forth. Your transition is coming to an end, you will go forth. Do not look back what’s left behind. Come forth to fulfil your destiny.


The daily prophetic word:

I will flourish you, I will bless the works of your hand. I will set the captives free from their bondage. I will rise you up high above in Me for all the eyes to see. I will bring happiness and peace into your territory. I have raised you up in Me for this day, set My people on their course to Christ!

I will bring prosperity and abundance into your house hold. I cast My eye on you for you to live a life of a servant who is faithful and true. For I am in your life every hindrance will be cleared, they will be removed from this day. Never again my child will be disappointed, I will not allow you to be treated the way you have been ever again! You are loved by the Father and Me. You have the love of GOD in you. Stand up strong, be courageous for I am with you.


The daily prophetic word:

You have gone through many turmoils, many broken relationships the one that can never be broken is your relationship with Me. I am your anchor, I am your rock, stand firm on this foundations you have built upon your life, do not turn away from the truth. The truth that is written in you, the truth that set you free, the truth that brought you forth to this day, the truth that given to you before the foundations of the world. My servants have been chosen in Me, they have been appointed to their positions in Christ to worship Me and serve Me.

The LORD your GOD who created you has opened the doors of His Kingdom for you to come forth, for you to rise up above all your circumstances. Rise up, stand up strong, you are a child of GOD. I have created you, I have purposed your life for the good works in Me. The harvest is plentiful the workers are few. You are My faithful follower, you are My faithful servant go out to the field reap the rewards of the harvest I have predestined you for.


The daily prophetic word:

I want you to be happy in this day and every day in your life. I have never intended you to be in sorrow and hardship. I had the best in mind for you. In everything you do give praises and honour to your GOD who created you. The sadness you have incurred will be a thing of a past. No more tears will be seen in your eyes, no more sorrows on your face. No traces of sorrow and hardship, pain and heartache will be found in your life. You will be happy. You will rejoice always. You will reign with Me.

You will seek Me in the ways that you did not know before. I am in the air you that breathe, I am in the greens you walk, I am above the seas you gaze, I am in you. I gave My life for you. For you to live eternal life. This life is coming to an end shortly a new one will emerge in its place. The new life; it is an eternal life, it is a life of peace and prosperity, it is a life of abundance in happiness and truth in love. Make every effort to be with Me. Only I can take you there.


The daily prophetic word:

My blessings are upon your life. Do not fear for what you don’t know what you know is yours from the heavenly realm. What is yours cannot be taken away from you. Yours is the Kingdom of God, yours is the eternal glory, yours is the blessings from heavenly realm. Heavens declared your name as righteous, heavens declared your name as the child of GOD. I have blessed you and your family for the works of your hands for your faith in Me.

When the days are short do not fear for I am with you, I will come and get you for Myself. In everything you do give praises to the LORD. Praise the LORD! You don’t need to understand to know that I am the LORD creator of all, you don’t need to understand to know that the whole world is under My control, you don’t need to understand to know that My will determines all. Put your trust in Me. By faith you shall obtain My blessings, by My grace you shall obtain mercy.


The daily prophetic word:

What I purposed shall be established, what I purposed for shall achieve what I sent for, it shall not come back to Me unfulfilled. As the rain falls to the earth and waters the ground, brings forth food to the sower in the same way what goes out of My mouth shall establish its purpose. I, the LORD has spoken over My people and I will make it happen for you. You are not alone. For I am with you whoever is facing you is facing Me, whoever is against you is against Me. In the same way whoever is for you is for Me, whoever is with you is with Me. Therefore have no worries. All is under My control.

I will bring forth the prophesises done for you, I will bring forth My promises for you. I decree and declare over your life My spiritual blessings and heavenly encounters that you are so looking forward to, I decree and declare all your heart desires that you have been hoping for Me to fulfil. I, the Father of all will fulfil all My promises for you. I will bring forth the prophesies, I will bring forth My blessings for you.


The daily prophetic word:

You will receive My glory and honour in your life. You will receive My blessings I have set out for you, you will reach to your destination in Me. For Christ you have been raised in this day, for Christ you have been sent forth, fight the battle set before you. Be courageous for I go before you to make your path straight. Do not back down in the midst of the difficulties. Be encouraged for I have overcome the world.

You are My child from before ages, you are My offspring, you are My prized possession. The world is your oyster, your playground, you have power over all, over the enemy, over the dominions. Rise up, stand up strong, do not back down for I am with you.


The daily prophetic word:

Do not fear. Those who are with you more than who are against you. For I am with you who can be against you. No man will be able to stand against you all the days of your life. Angelic hosts are waiting at your command, go out in faith deliver the message believe that the outcome is yours. When you believe you align yourself with the will of the Father.

It is not by works that you are saved by it is by My grace. Be strong in your faith. Be faithful in words, deeds and actions. Your faith in Me has been proved to be more precious than gold. Your faith in Me can move the mountains, makes the impossible possible for you. Be believing not unbelieving. When you ask believe that its already been done for you, believe that My angels carry out your petition requests. Believe that the day of the LORD is coming to vindicate My righteous, My holy, for you to be with Me.


The daily prophetic word:

My miracle about to take place in your life. I have clothed you with My grace from above. Do not fear what’s coming your way, put your trust in Me. I am taking you to unknown spiritual realm. In this realm you will see things further than you can see with your eyes. You are on the eve of receiving My spiritual blessings in your life. Miracles about to take place, miracles of unseen realm will enter into your life. Accept what I have for you, expect the unexpected. Expect My goodness.

The Truth is in you. I have placed within you sun of righteousness, the brightness of morning star I have placed within you gift of eternal life, I have placed within you gift of spiritual life. You will receive My spiritual blessings over your life. I am brining back once what was lost, I am bringing back everything you have lost and more. Your eyes will see My miraculous power in your life. Wipe away the tears from your eyes. You will be happy I promise you. You will have all that and more.


The daily prophetic word:

Do not fear the wicked schemes, their accusations and lies. Do not fear their games, do not fear these people. The righteous wins the day. I have given you the crown of righteousness, I have given you the gift of eternal life. I have given you a place of honour in Me. You are My holy, you are My righteous. Stand up strong for I am with you. Keep your heart pure, guard your heart for everything you do flows from it.

Always aim the best in people, always do it for their best, do it for their good. If they accept you, they accept the One who sent you, if they don’t it is Me who they are rejecting in their life. They won’t make it on their own for their future is in Me. Be kind hearted, help them, give them your hand, bring them out of the trap they are in, keep them away from the snare of the enemy. The enemy has no power over you for you are child of GOD. For them it is a different picture, they need your help. Give them your help. I will reward you for all the works you do for Me.


The daily prophetic word:

Love is great. The new commandment I have given you is love one another as I have loved you. You will be uplifted in love, you will reach peace and happiness. Love brings peace, love brings happiness, love brings joy. May your joy be full in Me for I love you. I will never leave you nor forsake you, My love is for you. There is no greater than this one die for another. Your love is in Me for I live in you, you in Me.

My peace I give to you My peace be with you. Be peaceful, be joyful, rejoice in Me always. Do not forsake Me and My statues and commandments, follow them all. They will keep you on the right path, they will prevent you from being distracted. Mediate on My Word daily. Remember to do all the things I have given you, taught you from the beginning so that you may live in the land peacefully and prosperously.